level 2 charger

  1. 4xe won’t word with Tesla adapters

    This is the second Tesla to J-1772 adapter I have bought and neither of them work the first one I bought did not work and the second one that I bought was a TeslaTap and that did not work can anyone help ?
  2. Colorado Sold: 21 4xe mopar soft top, proximity entry, 50 ft level 2 charger. 950

    Hello I have a soft top for 4 dr jeep used only a couple weeks then went to hard top. I also have a proximity kit with both front doors and tailgate, wiring harness + handles. Plus a 50ft level 2 charging cord. All for 950, must pick up by Friday. Denver.
  3. Charger relay cycling on and off

    Hi All, When my 4xe is plugged in and charging, sometimes I notice that the charger relay will start clicking on and off every couple of seconds for 10 or 20 minutes. My living room is directly above my charger, so I can hear it as it clicks. The green charging light on the car and charger...
  4. Slow 4xe charging.

    I have recently started charging my 4xe at work. I have noticed it takes longer than 2.5 hours to fully charge with a level 2 charger. It normally charges faster than that. Has anyone else noticed this? I am wondering if its taking longer to charge since its so hot here. Any thoughts? Hal