1. Dana M210 front axle understanding

    I found the build sheet for my 2019 Sahara online (finally) and I saw that it has the dana m210 front and dana m220 rear axles. I bought this car from an auction and it seems like the previous owner really decked it out and from what I read online somewhere these are the same axles as dana 44...
  2. Soft Top Leaking Bad

    Hi all, The soft top on my 2018 JLU is leaking pretty bad. It happens on the front passenger side and wets up the door trim and soaks the floor. I opened my door this morning to a soaked floorboard and carpet which I did not have time to assess at the moment but will when I get home today. The...
  3. How to connect video to from the Stinger High 10 system to my phone?

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how to connect video to from the Stinger High 10 system to my phone. I unplugged the HDMI cable from the back of the brain (red image below) and plugged in a separate HDMI to USB-C to my phone. However, that ended up disabling the backup camera. I'm not...
  4. Outside of North America WTB sahara stock front axle JLU 2019

    my axle is bent and cracked and i doubt theres hope of repairing it. anyone got a takeoff one? i live in the uk and willing to pay shipping. thanks!
  5. Outside of North America Want to buy oil sump pan for 2.2 multijet diesel 2019

    my axles was hit very hard which caused the diff housing to hit the oil sump and put a hole in it. any suggestions on where to get a oil sump pan? or if anyone has a sump i will buy. based in the UK
  6. Florida DV8 2018-21 JEEP JL & 2020-21 JT HOOD HOLD DOWNS - NEW $90

    Brand new, never opened, $149 retail. Local pick up in Tampa area or buyer pays shipping. Ever drive down the road and notice a little flutter in your Jeep's hood? Have you replaced the stock, rubber hood hold downs that came with your Jeep? DV8's race-inspired hood hold downs feature a billet...
  7. Florida Sold: JL 2018-21' Factory Fenders For Sales (granite crystal metallic) - $250 - set of 4

    Original front and rear fenders for sales w/ liners still attached. perfect condition. Color is Granite Crystal Metallic. Local pickup only - Tampa, FL
  8. New York 2018 JLU Hard Top & Accessories - $2350

    I am selling my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited (4-Door) Rubicon hard top with freedom panels, freedom panel storage bag, hard top storage dolly and Lange Originals' Hoist-A-Top storage kit. The details are: 1. Hard top and freedom panels - it is used between March 2019 & June 2020 for about 13K...
  9. DIY Roof Rack for JLU 4xe with SkyOneTouch Roof

    Since I needed a roof rack for my RTT and, so far, no one has a solution that fits the 4xe with the SkyOneTouch roof I decided to start my own build. I know the gutters could take some load but i wouldn't take a chance and decided to add some removable support to the rack in the back. I can...
  10. New Jersey Sold: JLU Premium Soft Top from 2020 Wrangler $1000 OBO

    Premium soft top from 2020 Wrangler. All parts included (bolts, brackets, etc). Was only on my Jeep for one year and just got a hard top. Driver side window is only a couple months old (original one had a small defect and Jeep replaced it under warranty). Pickup in NJ I’m located in Hunterdon...

    Hi Guys! I Have a 2019 JLU MOAB and never took off the hardtop because of the hassle. I'm interested in buying a garagesmart (used) or any other electric hoists for my garage. What are my best options??
  12. Texas Sold: Sold

  13. Colorado Sold: SOLD Bestop Trek Top Ultra - 4dr JL Wrangler - 1750$

    For sale is my like new Bestop Trektop Ultra for the 2018+ JL Wrangler 4door model. I bought this top preorder in 2019 for 2000$ + tax and used for only the summer of 2020 when it released. This top is 100% complete and in immaculate condition. Unfortunately I sold my jeep and no longer have a...
  14. California Sold: JLU hard top black textured

    I installed a soft top a few weeks ago and decided to keep it permanently. I don’t have enough room for both so the hard top is for sale. Removed around 4500 miles so it’s nearly new. Perfect condition minus some very fine and light scratches from a trail kiss on the passenger side. I’ve tried...
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  16. TeraFlex 3.5" lift on 37s. JLUR. Good choice?

    Was originally looking into a Mopar 2" lift but I always hear people just end up upgrading from that and it's just not that great. Thoughts on the TF 3.5" Base lift with 9550 shocks? My Rubicon is pretty much stock with the exception of my 17x9s (4.5 BS) and 37x12.50s, which aren't going on...
  17. JLU Rooftop Storage Case - ROAM 95L & Other options

    Hi guys, I just picked up a ROAM 95L case & plan to mount it to a GOBI roof-rack on my JLU. Any tips on how to secure it to the rack, and have the case lock? Worries about theft. Also, are there any other options that you guys recommend that would serve the same purpose. Rooftop lockable...
  18. Maryland Sold: (4) 2020 JLU Willys 17” Wheels/Tires

    FS: Stock Moab black wheels and 255/75 17 Firestone Destination tires mounted NO TPMS from a 2020 Willys. Set of 4 with less than 5K miles ... like new. In the DC/MD area. Looking for $1000 OBO.
  19. Uconnect Auto-Lock feature not working

    So I'm wondering if anyone else has been having this problem or if maybe I've done something wrong and you all might have a fix for me. Since I got my jeep in October, my Auto-lock feature hasn't worked. I've gone into the uconnect settings and checked the box to enable it. But it doesn't seem...
  20. Virginia Sold: 2020 JLU Soft Top- Twill- Tinted

    2020 JLU OEM Sunrider Soft Top - Used less than 5k miles - Black Twill Material - Tinted windows (Plexus treated) - No rips or tears, basically new - All parts included $1400 local sale or meet up