jlu sahara

  1. Looking for new (larger) tires

    I have a 2018 JLU Sahara that needs new tires (keeping the rims). The only modifications I’ve done are the 3/4-in front leveling kit from Rough Country and airbags in the rear to help with the tow sag. The wife is against a lift. I’d say 85% of driving is city/highway and the rest is...
  2. Searching for Soft Top

    Looking to purchase Softtop. Have cash please message me. Thanks John
  3. XD Monster II with Nitto's on a JLU Sahara - Wheel Size Question

    So I have decided on the XD822 Monster II's but I have a question. I really wanted to go with an 18" wheel, which is what is coming stock on my Sahara now, but it appears that everything I am seeing between the forums and dealers keeps suggesting to go 17x9 vs 18x9. Is that accurate, and if...