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    Jeep Wrangler rubicon 2018 jl 2dr rear leather seats for sale. 600 OBO Portland Oregon
  2. Oregon Jeep Wrangler 2018 2dr leather seats

    Jeep Wrangler rubicon 2018 jl 2dr rear leather seats for sale. 600 OBO Portland Oregon
  3. Pennsylvania Roof Level Light Bar Mount w/o A Pillar Support

    Has anyone seen a roof-level light bar mount that doesn't have to be attached to a roof rack, and doesn't have a large bracket that runs up the a-pillar? I haven't had any luck looking online and was wondering if anyone had attempted to make one. I wasn't sure if it was possible. Was thinking it...
  4. Mopar Soft Top Premium Twill Fabric for 2018-2021 Wrangler JL 2-Door For Sale

    Tinted windows. Great condition. Used only 2 months last summer. Bought from https://www.justforjeeps.com/wrangler-jl-2-door-premium-soft-top.html $1,200 w/o window bag. $1,300 w window bag. https://www.justforjeeps.com/jl-soft-top-window-storage-bag.html Located in Connecticut. New Haven area.
  5. 2018 JL 2-Door soft top noise

    Hi, wondering if anyone with a 2 door soft top JL has experienced the top making a popping sound from wind noise? It is an intermittent sound coming from the 3rd bow behind the speaker bar. Doesn't look like anything is bent that you can see, my friend has the exact same model and it is night...
  6. New York 5 JL tires for sale

    100 miles, TPMS on, balanced, Tires and rims. Immediately taken off after purchase of vehicle, 245/75r17. Asking $700. Located in NYC
  7. Pennsylvania Sold: Premium Mopar Black JL (2 door) soft top $1200

    Finally Trading in my 2door JL for a 4Xe so i need to get rid of my premium MOPAR soft top. Top was purchased from dealer, less than 2 years old. Original price $2,200. Used less than 8 months total (have hard top) Garage kept, like new. Top and all components available (See pictures) in...
  8. California Looking for Jeep JL 2 door tinted soft top

    As the title states, i'm looking to buy an OEM tinted soft top near San Diego. My new wrangler came with a hard top. While I love it, summer is fast approaching sunny san diego and id love to have the soft top so I can have just the top on in safari mode! Any leads would be appreciated. Willing...
  9. How worried should be about this load? Noticing some sag, but not sure due to JLR front fender cut

    About to move across country and my JL is stuffed to the brim. When loaded, the rear is sagging a bit but I’m not sure if this is an issue as it appears I’m really just eliminating the front rake. Also, the JLR fenders are pretty high cut which is a bit deceiving. Drove about 250 miles last...
  10. 2-door vs. 4-door -- All the Things Discussion

    Hey Everyone - first, I'm sorry because I'm sure this has been discussed multiple times in some form or another, but searching through the threads I couldn't seem to find a detailed discussion on "this vs. that", just questions like "anyone have 2-door regret?" So I'm soliciting advice, hoping...
  11. Virginia Sport S Fenders - 75$ OBO All 4 w/ Inners

    Perfect condition set of 4 sport fenders from a 2019 JLU. Comes with inner fenders. Pick up near northern virginia.
  12. JL 2 Door Ocean Blue Sport S Build Thread

    Starting Build thread for JL 2 door Ocean Blue Sport S 1. Barricade Rock Rails (May stay with them or may change them out. Was not much to chose from at the time) 2. Bestop floor mats 3. Center console tray 4. Modified antenna (cut it off) 5. Sahara front bumper. (Free) Could not stand...
  13. Oklahoma Adventure Garage

    Oklahoma Adventure Garage

  14. 2018+ JL Rubicon Axles For Sale

    2018+ Wrangler Rubicon JL Dana 44 AdvanTEK Axles Front & Rear Take-Offs; 4.10 Ratio Clean - Low Mileage Dana 44 Axles with front and rear locking differentials and dual piston front brakes. Perfect for any 2018+ JL Sport or Sahara owners looking for an axle upgrade to run up to a 37 in tire...
  15. Any interest in Hydro Blue on the JL Wrangler?

    I've waited for Hydro Blue to come back to the Wrangler since it left in 2016. And if Jeep is going to charge for certain paint colors then we should have the choice to pick from any FCA colors. The moment Hydro Blue landed on the Gladiator I knew that it probably wouldn't make it to the...
  16. 2-Door Unicorn Poll

    Inspired by this thread, I created a poll to find the least common 2-door engine/drive-train combination.
  17. NTLV

    NTLV Garage

  18. New 2dr Willys Edition

    I picked her up last Friday and I could not be any happier with my decision!!!
  19. Starbird


  20. 2 Door Rubicon tire pressure, Whats your sweet spot?

    Hi, was wanting to get an updated thread on this topic now that there are more of these out in the wild. I find the 2 door to be really sensitive with the PSI in relation to overall comfort and performance. What have y'all settled on? What did you notice on highway speeds?