1. Jeep Passenger Airbag Issue JL-2019

    Jeep Passenger Airbag Issue JL-2019 Hey guys My Jeep 2019 Wrangler 3.6 just broke down today in the middle of the road .Just had it come back from the recent recalls , passenger airbag on has caused the car to switch off on the road and not come on again even after several try’s . I end up...
  2. Flat towing ignition mode?

    Just bought a 2020 Wrangler to flat tow. It has a keyless ignition, auto transmission with 4wheel drive, no steering wheel lock, and keyless ignition. To prep for towing, I complete the procedure in the manual to put the transmission and transfer case into neutral. When I am done, the Ignition...
  3. Help resetting Auto Headlight sensor, which fuse?

    Maybe someone can help me resolve my age long issue with auto headlights not working properly -- as a result of (failed) restore to stock settings with Flashcal that ended up messing up many of my sensors. My auto headlight sensor will never turn off the headlight during the day/driving in the...
  4. Radio On, Jeep Off

    I’ve been doing small mods to my Jeep interior and the other day after the Jeep had been off for an extended time my radio randomly turned on and then off after a few seconds of music playing. I have the 7” uconnect basic radio. Anybody else having the same issue or any feedback? Thanks