1. Washington Oracle Oculus LED 9" JL Headlights

    Hi Guys I ran these for a total of 3 days, my wife got me Mopar LED's for Christmas and so I switched them out, Still have original box and all associated wiring that comes with them..Like new condition. These lights were absolutely fantastic and would still be running them in not for the Mopar...
  2. Alibaba Jeep JL Headlights LED

    Very curious about these headlights that look almost identical to Mopar from Alibaba. I can get them for $460 including shipping and all fees. I’m guessing these are DV8 manufacturer. Has anyone pulled the trigger on these and tried them out? Thank you in advance.
  3. North Carolina Bumpers, Headlights, Fog lights

    Jeep JL Mopar Halogen Headlights - $50 Jeep JL Mopar Front Plastic Bumper with Plastic Skid Plate, tow hooks and halogen fog lights - $150 All brackets, etc., included Came off 2018 Jeep JL Sport S
  4. Arizona Stock halogen headlights & foglights

    Halogen headlights and foglights removed from 2018 JLU Sport. $50 for headlights, $50 for foglights, or $80 for both. Located in Tucson, Az. Will consider shipping on your dime.
  5. Changing Halogen to HiD Mopar headlight

    Jeepers, I’m changing my wrangler JL 2019 halogen headlight to HiD Mopar headlight. However, the left hand sidebar started to flicker and goes off completely after some time. If I change around the headlight (left to right, right to left), it appears to work perfectly. Any thoughts on this...
  6. Minnesota $150 - MOPAR LED Fog Lights - Sport/Sport S

    I have a pair of OEM LED Fog Lights that fit the Sport/Sport S plastic bumper. They were on my 2020 Willys for approximately 6500 miles, and they're in good condition. $200 $150 (price reduced), or best offer. Shipping included.
  7. Fenders/ turn signals

    Hi all. My first post. I recently purchased a used 2018 JL 2 door sport. I wanted to get rid of the plastic bulky fender flares and upgrade to steel pairs. My question; the turn signal is on the fenders, so if I get ones that have no turn signals, how does my car display the signal?! I’m sorry...
  8. Maryland JL Factory Headlights

    2018 JL Sport Mopar factory halogen headlights In great condition. Only used for a month. $100 OBO
  9. Dead JLR 2.0 - post installation of MOPAR LED kit

    Hi all, I’ve been scouring the forums for answers, and it’s been a struggle to identify what exactly could have gone wrong with my 2018 2-door JLR 2.0 4-cyl. Last weekend, I installed the MOPAR LED kit (part no: 82215136AC) complete with the wiring harness/4th pin installation. This was the...

    Preferably OEM, but open to all styles! Just show me what you’ve got
  11. Help resetting Auto Headlight sensor, which fuse?

    Maybe someone can help me resolve my age long issue with auto headlights not working properly -- as a result of (failed) restore to stock settings with Flashcal that ended up messing up many of my sensors. My auto headlight sensor will never turn off the headlight during the day/driving in the...
  12. ORACLE Oculus Bi-LED Headlight Upgrade for the Jeep JL / JT

    Finally upgraded the horrible stock Halogen Headlights to these beautiful 5500k pure white LEDs from Oracle! *** This is an older video. I no longer run these lights. *** Lots of people are having issues with these lights! *** Sounds like Oracle Modified this light to where it has a greenish...
  13. TUFF Lights

    I’ve seen some pretty good looking advertised lights from Tuff LED Lighting based out of Colorado. Has anyone ever used any of their stuff or know anything about them? Maybe you ran into the owners on a trail, ran their fogs on a JK, or went to high school with them, whatever, just looking for...
  14. Inspired Engineering EVO II Installed and Couldn't be happier!

    The day I bought my Jeep I had a near miss with a deer on the way home from the dealer. Good thing the JLR has great brakes! I've since had several other near misses. So I put some beamtech bulbs in the halogen lamps. That was slightly better, but the low beams go off when you turn on the high...
  15. LED bulbs vs LED aftermarket headlights

    I have a Sport S and looking at upgrading to LEDs. I'm seeing alot of bulb replacements people are doing and some doing a full headlight upgrade. Is one better then the other besides the price difference? Any benefit to the full headlight upgrade over just LED bulb replacements?
  16. JL Oracle conversion vs JL oem led headlights

    I'm curious if the JL led oem headlights are worth 700-900 dollars vs an oracle 200 dollar Led conversion or the v.4 from headlight revolution
  17. Need Help Picking Aftermarket Headlights

    Hi, I currently have the stock lights below the LED Package that jeep offers and they really do suck, not going to lie. I even bought HID Bulbs but its the same thing but just white lol and not to mention the high beams barely do anything. So I need to upgrade, especially where I live with all...
  18. What do you guys think of these 9” Kiwi Master LED headlights

    Thoughts? I think they look pretty neat, thinking about giving them a try, been waiting for mopar led headlight kit’s availability for way too long...
  19. Which way should leds be facing in headlight

    Hey guys. Just picked up a set of LED headlight bulbs for my halogen housings. (I know it’s not ideal. I’m running it until I decide on a whole replacement headlight once more options become available as I have already changed my fog lights as well as the bulbs in my turn signals to LED and...
  20. ORACLE LED Headlights with halo for JL

    Hi everyone, I just received these from ORACLE and did an installation video. This is a nice option and under $400. I will be putting out subsequent videos on fog lights, tail lights, and fender lights to offer an option for fully upgrading to LED from halogen on the JL. In the video, I show...