1. Rear Diff replacment

    Looking for some insight, I have a 2018 JL Jeep wrangler sport 2 door. 23,000 miles well taken care of and maintained (no oftermarket mods). In 10/20 I had to replace the rear differential at 20,000 miles. After that i constantly heard a low grinding noise when driving, took it back to the...
  2. (Question) Differential / Transfer Case Fluid Change

    Long Story Short, I'm getting a new transmission under warranty. That Jeep dealership called me that they needed to do a Differential/transfer case fluid change. The service would cost me $700 :CWL: So I said no, I'll go somewhere else But in all seriousness. The JL has 3 spots for the change...
  3. How to check if LSD is working properly?

    Anyone with working LSD can check if rear tires will spin in the same or opposite direction when jacked up? Mine comes with LSD but appears to be spinning in the opposite direction. (Suggesting open diff or due to lack of load?)
  4. Calculator: gear ratio, tire size, speed, etc.

    Here's a spreadsheet I built to calculate gear ratio, tire size, speed, etc. The yellow colored cells are how to control the inputs (either drop-down or number fillable), all other cells are un-editable. Update: Added a new tab to easily compare differential ratios in top gear. Also some...
  5. My differential locks are staying illuminated on the instrument cluster

    My differential locks are staying illuminated on the instrument cluster. They still fuction properly but indicate being locked at all times. Anyone have a similar issue or any ideas what could be wrong, dealer has no idea?!? Thanks, -rt
  6. Differential Oil Additive - Rear D44 LSD

    Hey All, Just looking for a second opinion on this one. I was recently offroad and had my axles in some water, possibly as high as the breather on the rear. To be sure, I purchased some diff oil and additive for the LSD rear. The Mopar LSD additive instructions calls for 2-5% by gear oil...
  7. Limited Slip Differential vs. Posi-Traction

    The other day I turned off traction control and did a burn out and I noticed I had to sets of tire marks left on the road. I don't have a LSD so I was wondering how this was possible. I remember on old RWD cars that some had posi-traction. Do Jeeps?
  8. Next Venture Motorsports HD JL Diff Covers+Diff Skids

    EDIT: Covers are shipping! *First to market* These are professionally welded by hand, and *CNC Machined Flat* on their mating surface after welding to ensure that any warping from heating/cooling is taken care of. Update #2: 10/10/18: Rear Diff Skids Shipping...