dash camera

  1. Dash Accessory Dock with Custom USB Outlet

    This is an older version of this project. For an updated version (more pictures, fewer words), check out my build journal here. This is a write-up on how I installed my dash-mounted wireless charging phone cradle and dual USB outlet. Note that I used a USB outlet housing that I designed...
  2. RAM® Tough-Track™ for 18-19' Jeep JL/Gladiator

    I searched & didn't find this posted anywhere. Not a bad price at $41.49! Edit: Forgot the link. https://www.rammount.com/part/RAM-DT-204-TRACK-A12U
  3. Dash cam, on the cheap

    So I've been considering a dash cam for a while now, but didn't want to spend a fortune on one. After reading a few threads here I saw a couple posts saying that you can get a decent camera for around $50. I did some searching and actually found a pretty good one for $48. I wanted it to be...
  4. Dash Cam wiring into power rear view mirror JLU Sahara

    Hey Guys, I have a JLU Sahara with the upgraded rear view mirror. I am looking to hardwire a dash cam into the wiring for the power rear view mirror. Does anyone have a video on how to this? I don't want to mess up the wiring in my jeep. I am new to DIY electrical stuff... What do I have to cut...
  5. Do you have a dash cam on your wrangler ? How do you arrange the wire?

    I am going to buy a dash cam and put it on my windshield or tie it to my back mirror. I am curious how you do the wring for dash cams? Or do you just buy a dash cam that can be tied to the dash top and let the wire dangle? I don't want to uninstall a lot of stuff to connect the power wire of...
  6. Dash Camera Hard-Wire

    I want to add a dash cam to my new JL and don't know much about the wiring aspect of it. I've seen a few posts on here that discuss hard-wiring it but not specific instructions. There's been mention of hard-wiring to the Homelink buttons on the sun visor but I'm thinking I could wire to the...
  7. Dash Camera for JL/JLU

    How many of you are planning on purchasing/installing a dash camera? I'm debating about installing a front/rear camera once I get mine.