1. New Mexico Dana 30/35 M186 M200 for sale

    I have a set of sport axles front and rear from my 2018 Sport. 3.45 gear. has less than 20000 miles on them. Axles while on Jeep only saw light off road, mostly dirt roads and pampered well. Very clean with no issues at all. Straight and solid axles. Brakes not includes, but you want to upgrade...
  2. 2019 Jeep JL on Rubicon Trail Soup Bowl Snow & Ice

    Going up soup bowl on the rubicon trail with snow & ice 12/12/2020. Here is link for full video: Looking for sponsors 😂
  3. California [California] WTB Rubicon axles, front and rear.

    Hello everyone! I am in the market for some Rubicon axles. If anyone is selling or knows of anyone selling some please let me know! $4500 cash on hand for a complete set! Feel free to email me at: [email protected]
  4. California Dana 30/35 M186 M200 for sale

    I have a set of sport axles front and rear from my 2018 sport. 3.45 gear. has less than 10000 miles on it and the most offroad its seen is on dirt roads. Super clean and straight. It’s still under my jeep as I am preparing to do an axle swap soon but will pull them out as soon as I have a...
  5. Dana 30 front and 35 rear build

    Needing some advice. I'm currently building a 2018 JLU Sahara. I thought hard about swapping the axles with Dana 44 Rubicon axles, or possibly even 60's, but the longer I've pondered on it and researched, the more I'm leaning toward building the axles that are currently on it (Dana 30 front...
  6. How to check if LSD is working properly?

    Anyone with working LSD can check if rear tires will spin in the same or opposite direction when jacked up? Mine comes with LSD but appears to be spinning in the opposite direction. (Suggesting open diff or due to lack of load?)