1. CoolTech Towing Harness Kit Install

    Finished all of the wiring and install of the @CoolTech Towing Harness Kit. Nice easy, clean install. So if you want to tow your Jeep behind of an RV, here is a great solution!!! - I decided to tuck the 6 pin socket behind my Poison Spyder bumper to keep it safe and hidden from rocks and...
  2. Jeep Generation 2018 JLU Rubicon Build

    First weekend with the stock JLUR! Took the top off and went up to Cleghorn CA. Current Status of the JLUR! Hello Everyone, My name is Kevin. This is going to be a continued updated log of all of our upgrades we have done to our 2018 JLU Rubicon. I have made install videos for every upgrade...
  3. CoolTech Jeep JL Cowl Light Mounts

    New Design from @CoolTech for the Jeep JL. Cowl Light Mounts!!! What do you all think of them?
  4. Guy’s 2018 JL Rubicon 2.0t

    Build thread for my 2018 JL Rubicon 2.0t. I intend to keep this one for awhile and make ....just a few....mods. Here it is stock, with bumper wings removed: Starting off with practical mods to either aid in daily driving, or preparing the rig for off roading. First, some 35% ceramic tint for...