1. 2020 3.6 w/ out etorque or 2021 w/ etorque

    Hey everyone, new to the forum as I’m interested in trading in my JK for a JL .i was hoping you all can give me some advice. After doing some research I saw that in the 2021’s if you want the 3.6 w/ an auto etorque is mandatory. I have no experience with etorque but to me it just looks like...
  2. Ohio 2019 JLUR - Loaded

    2019 JLUR - 7k miles - all stock - every option except leather and sky top - $2000 and take over lease $462/month 35 month
  3. Help resetting Auto Headlight sensor, which fuse?

    Maybe someone can help me resolve my age long issue with auto headlights not working properly -- as a result of (failed) restore to stock settings with Flashcal that ended up messing up many of my sensors. My auto headlight sensor will never turn off the headlight during the day/driving in the...
  4. ESS Not Ready, Steep Grade on flat ground, pitch 6°

    Need help; When I was driving my Wrangler today I noticed that ESS wasn't working as usual, so I went into menus to check ESS message and it says due to steep grade, so I went to check Pitch & Roll and it was showing 6° on level ground. I was on my way to work so I dropped it off at the nearest...
  5. Apple Carplay and Android Auto at the same time

    I searched the forums, but didn't find anything about this topic... Can you have an iPhone and Android phone at the same time on the Wrangler JL? For example, the iPhone directly connected via the cable and the Android via Bluetooth?