1. New JLU Rubicon 392 broken again

    I received my Hydro blue 392 about 6 months ago. The first time it left me stranded was on a trail. Just a dead battery. No room on the trail to jump, so I pulled a friend's battery and carried it down the trail to get the Jeep started. Dealer tested and replaced battery free of charge. Had to...
  2. California Sold: 392 Wheels for sale

    I have a set of 5 392 wheels with less than 500 miles on 4 and no miles on the spare for sale. These are mounted, come with TPMS. I can also throw in the lugnuts at ask price. These are located in Bay Area/Palo Alto. Asking $2300. Pickup only.
  3. 392s - How rare is rare?

    So folks, How rare is rare? It's looking like 2021 is a close so, How many 2021 392s have been built? How many 2021 392s Xtreme Recon packages slid through? How many 2022 392s & 392 XRs do think will hit the street? Any rumors on mid-year (2022) factory equipment updates? Like the addition of...
  4. 392 Aux Fuel System Complete

    Well, at least a temporary solution… Since I am averaging under 12 MPG (seeing a therapist) and well under the typical 300 mile range most gas tanks are designed to accommodate, I needed to find a solution when in the Western outback to ensure a safe return to civilization. While the market is...
  5. Demand for Wrangler 392 XR

    So ? for the group. I ordered a Bronco forever ago and with little confidence of it delivering I ended up ordering a Wrangler 392 w/ the XR package. Now out of nowhere the Bronco has a build week of 11/8 w/ the Wrangler having no ETA in sight, sounds like the XR package is slowing Jeep down as...
  6. 392 Seat cover experiences?

    So, I’d like to compile a list of seat covers that are compatible with the 392 higher bolsters, and real world feedback from those whom have them. I.e. shipping time, cost, install ease, quality, etc. For personal interest, I’m in the market for covers to protect my leather seats from frequent...
  7. Gorilla Glass imperfection inside the glass pane?

    So, didn’t notice this at pickup when new. Thought it was a bug on the windshield, then thought it was just residue in the interior, but finally took a razor blade to it, and it doesn’t come off. Looks like a stray string of resin/adhesive, and a smudge of some sort. Directly below the rear view...
  8. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    Spending a bit of time researching 392 capable lift kits. I initially considered a TeraFlex spacer lift for the short term fix to keep 37" tires from rubbing off road while waiting for the market to mature offerings for the 392. But with Clayton and MetalCloak already out there with 392 kits...
  9. First official build sheet for 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 Xtreme Recon

    This is the first official build sheet released for a 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 Xtreme Recon. Enjoy! https://www.jeep.com/webselfservice/BuildSheetServlet?vin=1C4JJXSJ1MW805461
  10. Georgia Sold: SOLD: Set of 5 Rubicon 392 Wheel/Tire Take Offs (300 Miles) - $1200

    This set of 5 Wheels and Tires will be coming off my Jeep on Friday. They are the Factory Mopar 17” Beadlock capable wheels that come with the Rubicon 392 Wrangler and Falken Wildpeak MT 285/70r17 tires. They will have only about 300 miles on them when I swap them out. $1200 OBO. Pickup only...
  11. redline tuning hood struts

    First off, 2 day shipping is 3-4 days, they come in a tube, instructions are mediocre at best. If you drop the clip inside the hood you will be fishing with a flexible magnet inside the hood. Oh and BTW our hoods are steel. Carbon steel. Since we are in the rv we had basic tools with us and...
  12. Clayton Off Road's New JL 392! (Build and Products)

    Our 392 is in! The hype is real, this thing is everything a Jeep lover could ever hope for and more! Soon we'll be using this thread to document our 392 build, as well as announce any suspension products or packages we put together for this beast! For now, we were thinking it would be cool...
  13. Project 392 Has Begun! - Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Command Vehicle Build.

    We pick up our new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 to begin the transformation of the new V8 powered Rebel Off Road Command Vehicle.
  14. Texas Sold: Sold

  15. Michigan WTB RUBICON 392 WHEELS

    Looking to buy a set of take off Rubicon 392 wheels in Michigan if local seller has a set! Plan on powder coating them! Please inbox if local
  16. Can I Order a 392 or MoJave Hood.

    I've been looking for hoods with both functional vents and a hood scoop but so far everything Is just for show or it isn't made for jeep I'm well aware I could find a shop to custom fab me one but I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to order a 392 or Mojave hood?
  17. 392 Hemi V8 Jeep Wrangler in different COLORS renderings

    Hey guys! Assuming all the current paint options for the 2021 JL's are also provided for the 392 Hemi V8, I went ahead and developed renders to get an idea of what this monster is going to look like. I also created Punk'n and Mojito, in case Jeep decides to bring em back.. Unlikely, but still...