1. Rubicon on 37" tire review

    My JLR has almost 9,000 miles now with 36.7" tires and it has all been good. They really meet all the trail conditions I run nicely. I have the 3.6/auto. and a 2.75" lift(Mopar). I have aftermarket bumpers. I up graded the steering linkage from day one and have never had steering issues. I used...
  2. New Jeep Owner - 2019 JLUR - Question on Lift and Tires

    Hello All, I have been doing some research, but I am a bit overwhelmed. I am asking you for help with this decision. I recently purchased a 2019 JLUR and I wanted it lifted and larger tires. However, after much searching for answers, it seems that once you start down one path, you almost have...
  3. What PSI (Cold) Are You Running on 37” KO2?

    Hi All — given some of the shimmy complaints in the steering sub-forum — I’m curious what everyone is running at the moment on their tires. I know there are older answers buried in other places but didn’t see an aggregated thread. I’m at 32 PSI cold on 37” KO2. Mostly city & highway driving at...
  4. 37" Ko2's with no lift?

    Anyone know if you can fit a 37" Ko2 without a lift on a Rubicon considering its small for a 37" tire. Only actually measures to 35.5". Curious if this is possible on factory rims due to factory backspacing. Off roading would be extremally rare for me. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Pics of 37" ko2 tires

    In search of pics of 37" ko2 tires on a 2.5 inch lifted rubicon if anyone has one. Thanks in advance!
  6. 35" and 37" effect on MPG

    For those running 35s and 37s, have you calculated the MPGs before and after?