1. Mopar Soft Top Premium Twill Fabric for 2018-2022 Wrangler JL 2-Door For Sale

    Tinted windows. Great condition. Used only 2 months last summer. Bought from https://www.justforjeeps.com/wrangler-jl-2-door-premium-soft-top.html $1,000 w/o window bag. Located in Connecticut. New Haven area.
  2. Texas Sold: Sold

  3. Maryland Sold: (4) 2020 JLU Willys 17” Wheels/Tires

    FS: Stock Moab black wheels and 255/75 17 Firestone Destination tires mounted NO TPMS from a 2020 Willys. Set of 4 with less than 5K miles ... like new. In the DC/MD area. Looking for $1000 OBO.
  4. New Jersey Sold: Premium Twill Soft Top For Sale 2dr JL

    Sold my 2DR JL and looking to sell the Mopar premium twill soft top (OEM) that came with the vehicle and was used during summers only. During the winters I replaced it with the hard top. Asking $1,000 while a brand new twill premium soft top from Mopar is $2,100.
  5. Maryland Sold: Take-Off 2dr JL Rubicon Rock Rails

    Selling the OEM rock rails from my 2020 2dr JL Rubicon. They were taken off around 4k miles. They are in good condition but the bottom corner of one has minor rock rash. See the picture for more detail. Easy to touch up. The mounting bolts are included. $80 OBO.
  6. RH Aluminum Skid Plate JLR 2DR Install

    I know this is a loaded question, but I purchased the RH Aluminum Full Skid Plate a while ago and I am trying to decide if I still want to install it with the other aftermarket parts I have installed since purchasing it. It is currently still sitting on the pallet it was delivered on. This is...
  7. Wrikki


  8. I went from Rubicon to Sport. AMA

    Starting this thread to log my experiences with the different models. Also, to answer any questions or comparisons. I started with a 2018 2 door Rubicon. 8spd, 8.4 screen-alpine, LED, steel bumper and a few other options. Never had an issue or concern, it was amazing. It took me everywhere I...
  9. New Jersey 2DR Rubi Takeoffs

    Came off my 2dr soft top. Springs and shocks have about 5,000 miles on them. Also comes with coil seats and lower front control arms (not pictured). Located in Central Jersey. Prefer local pickup, $100.
  10. New Jersey Sold: 2dr Falcon 3.3 shocks 0-1.5”

    Got a set of 2dr 0-1.5” Falcon 3.3 adjustable shocks for sale. Shocks have less than 2k miles on them. $1000, would prefer local, but can ship at buyers expense.
  11. BigBeard

    Black Widow JL

  12. Want to trade your white 2dr hard top for my black one plus cash?

    Pretty self explanatory. I have a sting gray and want a white contrasting top for my 2dr. Would add cash to the deal. My Jeep just came in and has 75 miles on it, black top is perfect. Located in Houston. Thanks
  13. Would you/have you used Jeep service for product installation?

    i called my local Jeep dealer and asked how much to install the Mopar auxiliary panel and the service advisor asked what that was. I explained what it was and I still don’t think he got it. I was planning trailer hitch, OEM fog/headlights, aux switches but now I’m rethinking using Jeep. Any...
  14. 2dr Models Still Inaccessible at Auto Show

    Forgot to mention this last week; I visited the New York International Auto Show and was dismayed to discover that the 2dr models on display were "behind barriers" so to speak - one was the white "mopar kitted" model that's been shown many times (that was at least on "ground level") and then...
  15. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    I know that 2drs are not scheduled to begin production until Feb 12 and then it will only be hardtops for the next month. My experience with factory orders is only with GM, and in that case, orders were scheduled 3 to 4 weeks out. Since we’re getting in that range, I’m curious if that is the...
  16. FCA’s resubmitted VIN info with 270HP 2.0T , and... also.. JL Sahara?

    As expected FCA resubmitted their request for VIN certification with updated info to replace the NA in the 2.0 spot with the 270 number (odd the typo was 368 without rounding, and the new number is the rounded suspected/expected 268, now as 270)...