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  1. Ohio $1200 - Jeep JL 2 Door Soft Top (Mopar), Tinted Windows, Pickup in Cincinnati, Couple of weeks old

    For Sale - Jeep JL 2 Door Soft Top. $1200. Pickup in Cincinnati - no shipping I literally just installed this top on Aug 1, 2021 (you can checkout my post). Purchased this new from a Jeep dealer a week prior for $1,660.12. However, I stumbled across a guy selling a premium top after he sold...
  2. Texas 2019 JL Soft Top (2-door) - $450

    Selling OEM soft top from my 2019 JL Sport S. I replaced it with a hard top at around 18k miles. It is in good condition, with some minor scuffs on the inside of the windows from things rubbing up on them. I tried to get as many pictures of the scuffs as possible below. None of them have any...
  3. 2 Door JL Cargo Space / Dimensions?

    Hi guys, does anyone have exact dimensions of the trunk of the 2021 2 door JL? I'm wondering if i can fit a couple carry ons in there. I can't find any info on the depth with the back seats not folded down, from both the bottom and the top of the seat to the trunk door. Also, has anyone strapped...
  4. Pictures of 2dr Sports with 33" tires and 1.5" lift?

    Still riding on stock tires with no lift on my '18 sport. Really struggling to decide on a lift and wheels/rims... Can you post your 2dr Sport builds with 33" tires and 1.5" lifts? Thanks!
  5. No Name JLR Build Thread

    Specs, Mods, Photos TRIM Rubicon COLOR Granite Crystal Clearcoat ENGINE 3.6 TRANSMISSION Auto MODS - WHEELS / TIRES / BRAKES M/T Deagan 38's, Pro Comp 17 inch wheels MODS - TIRE SIZE 35" Tires MODS - SUSPENSION / CHASSIS Steinjager lift (review), Falcon 2.1 Shocks, Synergy Steering setup with...
  6. Wide Tires on 2 door sport S?

    Hi guys, apologies in advance because i’m a newbie with this stuff. I have a 2D Sport S & i’m looking to get some wider tires because I loved the look when I passed one on the road. Ideally I want 33s and to keep the same 17’’ diameter. The wrangler I saw had tires sticking out maybe 3-3.5...
  7. California WTB JL soft top (2 door)

    Looking to buy a soft top with hardware for a 2020 jl sport (2 door). Any soft top will do. Can also pick up in UT. Willing to drive a little to get it I’m in Santa Barbra/Draper.
  8. POLL: What is your favorite color on the Jeep Wrangler (2021 Model Year)

    There are a lot of colors so let's see what is the most popular and favorite on this forum! Here are the colors: POLL OPEN FOR A WHILE.
  9. Indiana Sold: F/S Premium Soft Top with Tinted Windows for 2018-2020 JL 2 Door

    I am selling my soft top. I purchased it new last year and ran it 4 months. It was garaged every night and driven about 3 days per week. The top is in great shape! $1000 This is the Mopar OEM Premium Twill with the dark tinted windows for a 2 door JL. It includes all of the parts including...
  10. Brutus - 2 door Rubicon

    Let me preface this with saying that this is my first Jeep and this is a whole new world to me. That being said, I love this thing so much and wish I had found the Jeep world sooner. The possibilities, the community, the capability...the list goes on and on. Here is 'Brutus' in stock form right...
  11. Jeep JL 2 door

    Jeep JL 2 door

  12. Maximus-3 JL 2 DOOR Roof Rack System

    We are pleased to release the all new Maximus-3 JL 2 DOOR Roof Rack System. Add some much needed cargo space to your JL 2 Door. This system is great for mounting roof top tents and carrying heavy loads. The low profile design adds less than 3" of height to the Jeep which cuts down on wind-noise...
  13. Redskinfan72

    Hella Yella

  14. Bridgestone Tires on 2 Door Willys?

    Has anyone else ordered a Willys? They’re supposed to come with Firestone mud tires, but my build sheet says Bridgestone. It seems like Jeep has had a bunch of misordered tires, from other threads. Considering it’s part of the upgrade package that I paid for, it’ll be annoying if they’re...
  15. 2 Door Rear Seat Mod

    Hello All. This is my first Jeep and first time posting on a forum, so please be kind. As a member, I have learned a great deal about my Jeep from the awesome folks who contribute here. I would like to give back and have added my own (small) contribution here. Background: I have a 2019 JL...
  16. Brutus the JLR

    Brutus the JLR

  17. 0-60 Times 2.0 Mostly Stock.

    I have a 2.0 2dr Sting-Gray 2018. I did not think about doing 0-60 runs at stock, and now I kind of regret it. Can anyone post or account for times on a completely stock 2.0 without the 80lb+ bumper I installed. I also installed 3/4 inch front spring spacers to level it out back to stock height...
  18. little Mojito named Kermit

    little Mojito named Kermit

  19. WUF


  20. JL 2 Door hard top Sleeping and Storage platform

    I built a Sleeping and Storage platform for my 2 Door without taking out the passenger seat. Below is the YouTube video overview, I'm happy to post process pics and more details if folks are interested. It's a simple 2x4 and plywood construction upholstered with marine grade carpeting. Most...