Disable Your ESS (Auto Start Stop) Permanently With SmartStopStart Module

JLWF sponsor SmartStopStart has just announced their solution for disabling your 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL’s Auto-Start-Stop (ESS) feature once and for all!

The SmartStopStart module is a memory device for the ESS disable button. It retains factory operation of ESS disable button, but allows the vehicle to remember your preference each time you start the Jeep, rather than always defaulting to ESS ON as it does from the factory.

The module installs easily under the dash, and does not disable the Security Gateway Module (SGW) nor does it take up the OBDII port. It also does not set off any fault lights, warning dings or fault codes. Check out the SmartStopStart’s full specs and install details inside.

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