Sponsor Intro: MetalCloak


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We would like to welcome and introduce Metalcloak to the JLWF community as a site sponsor!  You can engage with them now in the MetalCloak vendor/sponsor forum.

Founded in 2006, Metalcloak originally made its name on its tube fenders but now offers a full lineup of parts ranging from suspension sets and components, to bumpers, rock rails, armor systems,  and many other accessories and parts. Their JK offerings alone featured over 200+ different parts.

As for their philosophy, in their own words: At MetalCloak we are a Systems-Based Company. Our philosophy is to develop systems that work incredibly well together, designing every individual part to function and improve that system. From Computer Aided Design (CAD) of every part, to CNC manufacturing processes, we set a high standard of quality control to ensure that every product will fit your rig the right way every time! And, of course, MetalCloak is a Certified Made in the USA company.

Although it’s still early in the development cycle for JL aftermarket parts, MetalCloak already has suspension systems and components, bumpers, and many other components available for the JL on its JL Wrangler parts website, so be sure to check it out!

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