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Momma’s JLU Sport Makeover

Is there anyone more deserving of a mid-life crisis Jeep JL than a mother who just turned 50 and has home schooled two teenagers while adopting two more foster children? That describes site member Az-jewel (Julie) in a nutshell.

This selfless mother of four recently decided she would no longer put “me” on hold and picked up a Black 2018 Sport S 6-speed as a gift to herself. And she’s wasted no time in customizing Momma’s JLU Sport. It’s currently riding on 17” Raceline Clutch wheels, 35″ Nitto Ridge Grappler tires, 2″ Mopar lift, Rubicon rock rails, and features a custom vinyl wrap in Satin Key West color.

Follow along with momma’s Jeep journal and build.