JLU Body Shell Shows Fender Vent, Hood, Roll Cage Frame, Tailgate, Grille and More

Nearly a month ago, we caught a glimpse of a body-in-white JLU which showed the entire forward body of the 2018 JL Wrangler.

Now we have new images once again capturing an uncovered JLU body shell, but this time the entire vehicle is in full view.

The side view gives us our best look yet at the front vent and quarter panel design as well as the bolt locations for the doors and fenders. Without the vent covering we can now see that although it is a small opening it is designed to help air escape from underneath the fender covers, reducing drag and enhancing aerodynamics.

The draped tarp shows the outline of the JLU’s full roll cage frame sans windshield glass, roof, windows or doors and hints at a sport bar with rectangular tubing with rounded edges, as shown in the leaked images of the JLU frame.

Around back we get a look at the new style door pull handles and spare tire carrier mounting points, which we’ve learned recently will be mounted 3-4 inches lower than the current JK Wrangler.

There’s also a bonus shot of a taped-up front grille which shows the shape of the slats and reveals a grille that appears to be thicker and wrap around the edges.

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