1. T-Splice shrink wrapping

    I hate working on old electrical connections that are covered with adhesive residue after the electrical tape is removed, so I try to avoid tape and use shrink wrap as much as I can. After some thought and experimentation, I came up with the following technique to shrink wrap a t-splice...
  2. Vinyl wrap/plasti dip inside of door

    With Punk'n discontinued it's getting harder and harder to find a Punk'n Wrangler or Gladiator on a dealer lot that's configured how I want. I've been thinking about just vinyl wrapping the Jeep I want to be Punk'n, however I'm having a hard time finding an exact, or close enough, match from a...
  3. Dash Accessory Dock with Custom USB Outlet

    This is an older version of this project. For an updated version (more pictures, fewer words), check out my build journal here. This is a write-up on how I installed my dash-mounted wireless charging phone cradle and dual USB outlet. Note that I used a USB outlet housing that I designed...
  4. Plasti Dip vs Wrap - Entire Body?

    Paint is faded on my other jeep, 2010 JK. I've heard good things about both P/D and Wrap, but usually on only parts of the body (grill / fendors / etc.). Anyone do the entire body of your jeep? Would appreciate any thoughts on what 1. Is the most resilient (moderate off roading and overall...
  5. Did anyone wrap their fenders and/or hardtop?

    I have the standard black fenders and hardtop and I am considering wrapping them to match the body. Has anyone done this and how has it turned out?
  6. Looking for Paint- and/or Wrap Shops [LA]

    Playing with the idea of eventually wrapping or painting my Silver Billet JL some time down the road, and was wondering if anyone has local recommendations for either service. (plus if you have a general idea of pricing as well!)
  7. If anyone is planning to Plastidip their grill... Grille remove instruction video

    If anyone is planning to Plastidip, Paint or Wrap their grill like the White and Mojito Jeeps at the LA Auto Show, Quadratec posted a how-to video on removing the grill. It looks like it can be removed in just a couple minutes. :like:
  8. Vinyl Wrap

    I know some of you have mentioned vinyl wrapping your JK, and intend to wrap your JL. I've been reading about it, but I could use some straight talk. Let's assume I get my JL wrapped by a reputable shop. - What is the cost of wrapping a new 4dr Wrangler? (While I'm sure it varies, what have...