wheels & tires

  1. New York Jl Sahara Rims/Wheels (5)

    2019 JL Sahara tires/wheels all 5 taken off at 3k miles. No TPMS. A lot of tread on the tires and in great condition. Local pickup in NYC/LI. Asking for $699. Or 30 mile delivery for $25 more. 255/70r18.
  2. Texas Stock JLU Sport S Wheels/Tires (5) ~20k miles

    Looking to give away my 2018 JLU Sport S’ wheels and tires. 17s. About 20k miles. No shipping. Pics attached!
  3. Texas 2018 JLU Stock Wheels/Tires (5)

    I’m selling my stock JLU Sport S’ R17s stock wheels and tires (5). These have ~20k miles on them. I live in Dallas. $300 OBO. No shipping. Lots of great tread left on these (see pics).
  4. California FS: Stock OEM Wheels + Tires + TPMS // Balanced & Ready to Mount

    Selling my stock OEM JLU unlimited wheels with practically brand new tires on them. Took off these stock wheels with 10 miles on the car. Located in Orange County, CA. Asking $1200.
  5. California SoCal set of 5 Rubicon Take-offs in Orange County

    These are about 15000 miles and hardly offroaded. No tpms as I am using them with current setup. Comes with original lug nuts and the lock. wheels are in pristine condition. Jeep belongs to wife and she had been doing mostly mall crawling with these. 800 OBO
  6. Florida 2021 Sport S wheels/tires $300

    I have a new set of 5 wheels & tires off my 2021 Sport S. Less than 300 miles on them, so they are perfect. The wheels are 17" x 7.5" Tech Silver Aluminum Wheels and tires are Bridgestone Dueler all-season 245/75/R17, per the window sticker on my Jeep. They are stamped with week 10 2020 date...
  7. Georgia 2018 JLU Sport S wheels and Tires

    5 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Sport S wheels and Bridgestone tires, taken off around 10k miles. Still has TPMS sensors in the wheels, no lug nuts. $450 obo.
  8. Help me decide.....new wheel set-up?

    Been debating ditching the bronze recently.....I love it, but I' m very particular about color matching (and staying true to the 3-color rule) and I haven't found a good way to incorporate the bronze elsewhere throughout the vehicle. I am considering going the machined route since it will match...
  9. Light Scuff & Scratches in Polished Aluminum Rims

    I jut picked up a set of 5 wheels (rims & tires) with ~100 miles on them for $600. Great condition but the person who stored them got some light swirls and scratches on the polished areas. Wondering if anyone knows if these can be buffed out similar to clear coat on the body or if there is a...
  10. Best Wheel/Tire setup for 2020 JLUS

    I purchased my first Jeep last summer and would like some input on wheel and tires sizes. I use my Jeep mainly for street driving but go off-roading a few times every month in mud, rocks, snow, etc. I want a 3.5 inch lift and I’m also trying to decide between 35 and 37 inch tires but don’t know...
  11. California 2018 Jeep Rubicon JL set of 5 factory wheels with BF Goodrich K02

    $1000 OBO - Located in San Francisco: 2018 Jeep Rubicon JL set of 5 factory wheels with BF Goodrich K02, 20k highway miles. Include a complete set of Jeep factory lug nuts. *All 5 Jeep Rubicon wheels are in excellent condition (includes the 5th full size spare) *All 5 tires BFgoodrich KO2 are in...
  12. North Carolina 5 x 2019 Rubicon Wheels / Tires - Take Off’s - Coming Soon

    I’m doing a little 2021 upgrade on my Rubi and will no longer need the Tires/Wheels which have approximately 5,600 miles on the tires. Never off roaded and garage kept. Spare never used. The only catch is I probably will not have my new wheels / tires installed until mid to late January. If...
  13. Virginia 2018 JLU Sahara Wheels and Tires w/TPMS

    $1200 OBO Location: Alexandria, VA (local pick-up) 5 wheels and tires. Tires: Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar Size: 255/70/R18 Premium Wheels: 18 inches Used for 16k miles; bought the Jeep new.
  14. Utah 2020 OEM RUBICON WHEELS TIRES $800 ~5k miles~

    Selling my rubicon tires with 5k miles on them. They have only ever seen pavement. Asking $800. Thanks!

    $800. Las Vegas area. Willing to meet up. Will consider SoCal folks depending on distance. 5x OEM JL Rubicon Wheels (17") - Great condition, no scratches, marks, or curb rash 5x 285/70/R17 BFG K02 wheels (13k miles) TPMS sensors installed. Wheels/tires are available NOW.
  16. Utah JL RUBICON TIRES with approx. 5k Miles

    LOCATED IN SALT LAKE CITY/NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Hi, Selling my OEM 33" Rubicon tires and wheels. They have approximately 5k miles on them as well as TPMS. Looking to switch to 35" set up but ideally would like to have something lined up to sell the ones I have first. Wheels are in perfect...
  17. Nevada Wheels/Tires for Sale [LAS VEGAS] - $1,000

    OEM JL Rubicon wheels (17x7.5) and BFG K02 A/T (285/70/R17) for sale with TPMS installed. Tires have 13k miles on them. Spare has never been used. Wheels are clean, no scrapes or scratches. Asking $1K for the set. Will be available 12/09. Local Pick-up. Willing to meet up for any SoCal...
  18. Washington 2020 Rubicon Recon Stock Wheels and Tires (set of 5) for sale

    I upgraded my 2020 Rubicon Recon to 37" tires so I'm selling my full set of barely used OEM tires/wheels. Less than 5k total miles on them (spare has 0 miles). BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2's 285/70R17 mounted/balanced from the factory. Asking $1400 obo Pickup in Seattle, WA area
  19. Texas $400 OBO__Set of 5 - 2019 JL Sahara Wheels - Super Clean Wheels w/ TPMS + Plenty of Tire Tread Left

    Hey there, I have 5 JL Sahara wheels for sale. Nothing wrong with them, I just upgraded to some Rubicon wheels. I recently went in for an inspection, and they are at 11/32 and 9/32 tire tread. 5X - 2019 Jeep JL Unlimited Sahara Wheels All Wheels have Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors inside...
  20. Quadratec Higher Offset JL Wheels

    Quadratec now has higher offset JL Rubicon wheels on their catalog.