1. TCM Update TSB 21-023-20 (for loud whistle noise upon engine start up)

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to know that if anyone performed this TSB and what are noticeable differences.
  2. Possible Transmission/Transfer Case Seal Issue? Please help me diagnose it!

    I went under my 18 JLUR yesterday to change the oil and while I was under there I found evidence of an oily residue to the rear of the transmission and/or transfer case. It was all over the cross member too. I can't tell if it was red in color or not (comes off as black on the rag I used) but...
  3. 2019 JlU Sport S drives “rough” at low rpms (1500)

    Iv been noticing this issue a little while after i bought the jeep. At low rpms there seems to be more vibrations, engine feels overworked, sluggish, transmission feels confused, almost like I'm towing something. Once it breaks 1500rpms it usually feels like its back in tune and accelerates...
  4. Low Speed Acceleration Shudder

    I have a JLUR with auto transmission. 2-3 times per day, something in the drivetrain causes a sharp shudder/jerk under light acceleration at low speeds. It almost feels as if it slips briefly and then catches. I've noticed it happens when accelerating away from a stop or after low-speed...