tire size

  1. Florida 5-315/70/17 Cooper STT Pros Tires $1000 local

    5-315/70/17 Cooper STT Pros Great tires. 4 have been used fro 10,000 miles. 5th tire has never hit the road. Looking to step up to 37". Located in Jacksonville. $1000. Tires have never been punctured. There are no plugs. General wear.
  2. Calculator: gear ratio, tire size, speed, etc.

    Here's a spreadsheet I built to calculate gear ratio, tire size, speed, etc. The yellow colored cells are how to control the inputs (either drop-down or number fillable), all other cells are un-editable. Update: Added a new tab to easily compare differential ratios in top gear. Also some...
  3. Tire Size on JL wrangler Sport

    Good morning all. I would like to know if I can but 35 inch tire on sport wrangler without a left? Also, I have Dania 44 on the jeep?
  4. Wheel/Tire Combination on the JLU Sport S?

    We are looking to upgrade the wheels/tires on our JLU Sport S. Currently, we're using the stock combination (with the Goodyear A/Ts), but we're looking to go to Mud Terrains and 33's. Browsing this forum, it looks like Discount Tire Direct is among the best options for decently priced wheels and...