tire pressure

  1. 2 Door Rubicon tire pressure, Whats your sweet spot?

    Hi, was wanting to get an updated thread on this topic now that there are more of these out in the wild. I find the 2 door to be really sensitive with the PSI in relation to overall comfort and performance. What have y'all settled on? What did you notice on highway speeds?
  2. Tire Pressure Monitoring system not working : (

    So today I go back in my jeep after not driving it for a few days and I have a "Service Tire Pressure Monitoring System" message that comes up, or something along those words. When you go to view the tire pressure in the dash the tires are just marked out red, with dashes instead of pressure...
  3. Air pressure with 37s?

    Just curious what others are running for air pressure on road with 37s. I did the chalk method and I'm down to 26 pounds front and rear. This is my first time doing the pressure this way, so curious what others are running. My tires are General Grabber X3 37/12.50R17 on method 105 beadlocks.
  4. Changing tire pressure units?

    Hi folks, Does anyone know how to change the units from bar to psi on the tire pressure screen for the JL?