take off wheels

  1. Missouri Sold: -->CHEAP!<-- 2021 High Altitude 20" Wheels and Tires For Sale - Set of 5

    $800 for all 5 429 Miles on them before I removed them. Never off road. No damage. Drove me to back and forth to work for a few weeks only. However, I did remove the tire pressure monitor sensors and used them on the new tires. You will need to buy your own TPMS for around $100 each...
  2. Massachusetts Sold: WTB: Rubicon take off wheels in Northeast

    Looking to buy 5 Rubicon take off wheels and tires, preferably BFG KO2s and the wheel style in the pic. Light wear okay. Willing to drive ~3 hours from Boston for the right price. Let me know your asking price if you’ve got ‘em!
  3. Massachusetts Sold: WTB Rubicon or Willys Take Off Wheels and Tires

    Willing to buy OEM take off Rubicon or Willys wheels and tires - prefer under 10k miles. Will travel within a 3 hour driving radius of Boston. Respond here or PM and we can discuss what you're willing to sell for. Thanks!
  4. Colorado BRAND NEW Rubicon 4xe Take Off Wheels and Tires

    I am replacing the wheels and tires on my new Rubicon 4xe that I take delivery on in late May/early June. $2,250 for all 5 tires and wheels. I will remove them as soon as I take delivery and have them available, hopefully by June 1.
  5. Florida Sold: 5 - Rubicon Tire and Wheel Take Offs 1600 miles

    2020 Rubicon Tire and Wheel take offs. $1200.00 BFG KO2 285/70R17 All Terrain Tires(33") 17"x7.5" Silver Spoke Rubicon Wheels with 5x5 Bolt Pattern TPMS included Mopar locking lug nuts included 1600 miles before taken off Local pick up only (Orlando Area)
  6. Illinois Sold: Take Off wheels - 2018 JLU Sahara w/ 4,650miles (incl TPMS, Lugs)

    Just bought a used 2018 JLU Sahara with stock wheels. Looking to upgrade and sell the OEM/factory wheels. 5 wheels/tires. TPMS included, lug nuts included. 4650 miles. Look in excellent condition. Tires are Goodyear Wrangler 255/70R18 Kevlar Reinforced. Location: Elgin, IL (60124). Pickup...
  7. Indiana Sold: ‘20 Rubicon Take-Off Wheels/Tires - 3,500 miles (Fort Wayne)

    - Selling five (5) Rubicon take-off wheels and tires (center caps included - first wheel is spare) - Falken Wildpeak MT/01, LT285/70R17 - Load Range C - 4 @ 3,500 miles, 1 @ 0 miles (spare) - Located in Fort Wayne, IN - $1,400 OBO
  8. California Sahara Tires / Wheels $450

    SET OF 5 TIRES AND WHEELS (RIMS). All parts are stock from the dealer. Comes with the lugs. Just took these off at 2,5XX miles. Essentially still new. Only road driven. No scuffs or scratches on the tires or wheels (rims). Asking $450. Shot me a text with questions (708)-466-0849. Located in...
  9. California SOLD - (5) 2020 JL Rubicon Wheels & Tires (No TPMS- 2K Miles)

    For sale set of 5 Rubicon wheels and tires. Size: 285/70R17 BFGoodrich KO2's with 2K miles in excellent condition. Lug nuts are included. No TPMS. All five for $1100, Murrieta, California (Inland Empire area) .
  10. Texas Sold: 5-‘18 JLUR wheel takeoffs for sale

    I have 5 JLUR wheels ONLY for sale in Texarkana, TX with 10k miles on them. No defects or blemishes, bought new wheels. Asking $250, will ship, but buyer responsible for shipping.
  11. Arizona WTB: JL Wrangler Black Moab Wheels & Tires

    Wanted: Jeep Wrangler JL Black Moab Take Off Wheels & Tires - 5 of them
  12. California Sold: New Condition Rubicon Shocks and bumpstops

    5x rubicon shocks new condition less than 100 miles on them.. $100 I am Newport Beach, prefer local for the wheels, will ship shocks if you cover freight cost.
  13. Ohio Sold: Rubicon Take-off Wheel / Tire combo

    ~1,600 miles and in perfect condition. BF Goodrich KO2 285 70 R17 C Ply All Terrain Tires 33" x 17" x 7.5" Wheels with 5 x 5" Bolt Pattern Tire sensors are still in the tire Lugs included 0 miles on spare Asking $1200 OBO! Thanks!
  14. WTB: MOAB Wheels & Tires

    Looking to purchase a set of Take-Off's MOAB Wheels & Tires. Located in Philadelphia area but willing to drive a reasonable distance for the right deal. Anybody have any they are selling?
  15. California Sold: 5 rubicon wheels and tires taken off at 7,000 miles

    Selling my take offs, one wheel has minor rock rash otherwise all in great condition, located in mid city Los Angeles, local pick up or may be able to deliver close by. Edit: asking 800 obo
  16. New Jersey Sold: Rubicon takeoffs

    Located in Central NJ. Tires have about 800 miles on them, spare is brand new, comes with stock tpms sensors installed as well. Local pick-up, SOLD.
  17. Delaware Sold: For Sale - 2019 Rubi Take off's Wheels and Tires

    Just picked up my 2019 JLUR today. 35's are on order and should arrive next week. The take off's look great and have 16 miles on them, so far, that will climb as I drive it daily to work. 1600 with TPMS, 1500 without.
  18. JLU Rubicon new take offs. 5 Wheels and tires $1500 without sensors. Suspension $300. Local pick up

    Selling mt take takeoffs from my 18 Rubicon JLU. 5 Wheels and tires $1200 without sensors. Suspension $200. Local pick up or you pay sipping. Contact Chris, 6seven84697threesix3.
  19. Rubicon wheel and tire takeoffs for sale - NY/NJ

    I have the 5 stock 33" BFG KO2 tires and wheels for sale. No sensors. I'm in the Long Island, NY area however I'm willing to meet halfway somewhere if it helps. Message me if interested. Looking for $1,500 OBO.
  20. FS, Sahara take offs, 5 wheels/tires-NJ/NY. Bridgestone Dueler AT tires w/ standard rims. Low miles

    JLU Sahara 5 wheels/tires for sale Bridgestone Dueler All Terrain tires w/ standard Sahara rims Approximately 1k miles, rims look brand new Located in NJ $750