When I’m out and about I like to bring all the things. Here is how I do it. Let me know if you have any questions, post any ideas you may have.
  2. JLU Rooftop Storage Case - ROAM 95L & Other options

    Hi guys, I just picked up a ROAM 95L case & plan to mount it to a GOBI roof-rack on my JLU. Any tips on how to secure it to the rack, and have the case lock? Worries about theft. Also, are there any other options that you guys recommend that would serve the same purpose. Rooftop lockable...
  3. Interior Rear Storage Rack Install

    Bought this cheap made-in-China rear cargo basket from Amazon for install. Seemed like an easy install. Had high hopes, what could go wrong right? Arrived well packed and in good conditions, holes seemed to be drilled...
  4. Meet The TrailRax Pak Rax System

    Introducing our Pak Rax for the Jeep JL wrangler. This accessory is a substitute or add-on to an existing roof rack to maximize storage space by taking advantage of dead space on the wrangler. This rack allows for easy access to tools, fuel, and much more. Our Pak Rax system is sold in PAIRS...
  5. Our Gear Loadout For The Continental Divide - Rebel Off Road

    Our Gear Loadout For The Continental Divide - Rebel Off Road Bond covers some of the camping gear used during our Continental Divide Trip from California up to the Canadian border. This is some of the gear used during our two week trip living out of our Gladiator trucks.
  6. JLU Rooftop Storage Solution for a Full-Time Overlander

    Whats up guys, Ive been living on the road now for about 100 days in my Jeep and collected a bunch of extra crap on the way. Now I need to add some extra storage because its taking up too much space inside & I could really use some help figuring out a solution. I currently have an IKapmer...
  7. Ideas for Cargo Tub Space

    Hi Everyone, I've been hemming and hawing on what to store in the Cargo Tub of the Jeep and need some inspiration. Currently, I'm storing some basic recovery gear that's out of sight when the top is off but my next move in building my adventure rig is to build or buy a platform, storage...
  8. California SOCAL Pick-up only (SAN DIEGO) - Slipstream Jeep Security Enclosure -JLU (4 Door) by Diabiolical

    Purchased a year ago. It is not compatible now with my Maximus-3 Roof and attached ladder. Like new, some rust spots where the bolt hole are located. It is dissembled and east for transport. $200 Thanks, Alex Email: [email protected] If you send me your number, I can text you photos. I do not...
  9. DIY sliding cargo base!

    DIY sliding cargo base I rigged up for the back of my JLU! I got tired of having to remove my cooler to grab a drink due to my cargo rack, and having to crawl into the back to grab things, so I whipped this together real quick! Hope it helps someone else !
  10. Utah Sold; American Adventure Labs Cargo Storage System

    $700 Local Pick up only for right now. Total MSRP $1428 American Adventure Labs Jeep JL storage system. This is new I installed it to test it out for a week but decided to go a different direction with my build. This system is amazing AAL does a quality build. Most of their stuff is on...
  11. New Full Length Halo Rack Coming for Jeep Wrangler

    Doing some R&D on bringing a full length version of our popular Halo Rack to market. We’ll be making some modifications to allow for the removal of your freedom panels. This would be available for the Jeep Wrangler JL and JK.
  12. Summer Hard-Top Storage?

    Seeking advice for hard-top storage solutions best for long(er) term storage. I bought the dual top option with the plan to swap twice a year based on our Midwest seasons. My original plan had been to build a full shelf that I can hoist (manual or electric?) in the garage, large enough for the...
  13. Brighten up your Jeep! DIY 20$ interior/exterior lighting!

    I recently did a DIY on interior and tailgate area lighting; I didn’t take pictures however I did do a DIY video on YouTube. I’ll leave the link below. Any comments or questions are welcome; leave them in the forum or the video! Thanks for watching!
  14. DIY storage rack JLU

    So, recently I had made a rear storage rack for my JLU out of some junk laying around the shop. I didn’t take any pictures of the build, however I took a video and uploaded it to our YouTube channel if you guys want to check out! I’ll share the link below!
  15. Black Friday 2019 Deals

    Save 15% from now thru Sunday.
  16. Suggested Mods for Expectant Father?

    My wife and I are expecting our first in the new year. Outside of the baby's car seat + base, seat protector/cover, and mirror, are there any internal modifications that you all would recommend to make life easier with a newborn/infant? Fortunately we have a JLU Sahara with the extra space over...
  17. Store Hardtop in 8ft ceiling garage and still park in garage

    Greetings JL, we faced a dilemma of needing to store the hardtop under where the garage door retracts up. So you can't simply drop down a hoist because of the garage door needing to open. So we engineered what I think is a great solution. We built a rack that spans the garage door width (8ft)...
  18. July - Diabolical Slipstream Giveaway

    We are giving away a Slipstream System and the winner will be announced July 29th. Contest will run from now until the 28th. Check out our website, and follow the Giveaway bar located on the right side, or find the present icon if you are on a mobile device. We will select a winner and...
  19. Freedom Panel Storage Bag: Mopar vs. Rugged Ridge?

    I just picked up my 18' JLU used but didn't come with the factory freedom panel storage bag. Comparing options and it looks like the 2 best ones are the factory Mopar and the Rugged Ridge (unless I'm missing something). Mopar...
  20. WUF