1. Indiana JLUR Steel Front Bumper Take Off (Fort Wayne)

    For sale is a JLUR front steel bumper. Great condition. Located in Fort Wayne, IN. $650 PM for details.
  2. Michigan 2020 JLU Rubicon suspension

    I've upgraded to a Teraflex lift and have my old Rubicon suspension parts up for sale. Had less than 2,500 miles on them when I did the upgrade, so these are basically new. Comes with the shocks, skids, sway bar end links, bumpstops, front LCAs, and the hardware I didn't have to re-use...
  3. 2021 Rubicon 2-Door 6-Speed

    2 Month wait is over :).
  4. North Carolina Stock Rubicon Wheels and Tires

    Set of stock takeoffs from a 2020 JLUR purchased Jul. 4, 2020. Removed on Oct. 19, 2020 with 3990 miles (one five-tire rotation). Never been off-road. Stock tire dimensions are 285/70/17 (32.7/11.2/17). Will not separate tires from wheels. TPMS, Mopar lug nuts, and Mopar locking lug nut...
  5. California WTB • Mopar Rubicon Steel Front Bumper

    Mopar 82215121AC Rubicon Front Bumper Located in SoCal
  6. California Rubicon fender swap

    I have 2 front rubicon fenders that are already chopped (liners removed). I’m deciding to go different route and wondering if anyone wants to work a trade for OEM rubicon fenders. Fronts only. DM for pics
  7. Tennessee JLU Rubicon Rock Rails

    Selling my Rock Rails off my JLU Rubicon. They are in great shape and have not been abused. All mounting hardware included.
  8. 2021 JLURD delivered 9/29/2020

    Hello all! Starting the process with our new 2021 JLURD. Picked up from Demontrond on Conroe, TX on 9/29 and home hours later to Rockwall. I'll add my factory bills list later. Hard top off same day with first mod- topsy brackets. Soft top on, found out rear passenger window won't go down...
  9. Two Random Wires Sticking Out of Driver's Side Interior. Please Help

    I just got a used 2019 Two-Door Rubicon, and it has these two weird wires (both ending in Mini USB-B) on the driver's side. One is short and coming out near the front leftmost speaker, and the other is longer and coming out of the front upper left part of the car's frame. I've looked online and...
  10. Pennsylvania 2018 JLUR, Rubicon Suspension Take Offs $40

    I am selling take off items from my 2018 JLUR. Sway bar link ends, track bar, lower control arms, and new version OEM steering stabilizer (less than 10 miles). I am located north of Allentown in Whitehall, PA.
  11. Pennsylvania OEM JLUR Tire Carrier $25

    I am selling the tire carrier that came with the Rubicon. I upgraded to the Rugged Ridge tire carrier and transferred the brake light so the carrier for sale does not have the brake light. Please see the pictures. I am located north of Allentown, in Whitehall, PA
  12. Delaware SALE PENDING - 5 2021 Rubicon BFG KO2 Take Offs

    I'm picking up my 2021 Rubicon 10/10 and have a new set of wheels/tires ready to install. I'm looking to sell my 5 OEM Rubicon wheels and BFG KO2 All Terrains. Tires will have approx 250 miles on them (spare with zero) and include the TPMS. Tires can be picked up on 10/11. Located in Northern...
  13. California For Sale: JL Rubicon Fenders ($400)

    Selling set of 4 (front and rear) Rubicon high top fender flares coming off my Jeep JLU Rubicon. They came paint color matched from the factory in the OEM Granite Crystal Metallic color. They are also equipped with the LED lighting package and DRLs. Will not include inner fender lining. Some...
  14. Washington [FS] - 5 Rubicon Wheels $550

    I have 5 rubicon wheels that do not have tpms. They are a bit muddy with minor scratches that can be buffed out. Pickup in west Seattle. Each wheels comes in a box.
  15. North Carolina Falken Wildpeak Rubicon 33" Wheels & Tires

    I just upgraded to 37s and am selling my stock 33" JT Rubicon wheels and tires. $1000 $850 OBO Includes 4 wheels and tires, as well as the lugs and wheel locks. No sensors. Local pickup in the Raleigh area. Less than 1K miles on them
  16. Nevada New Upgraded Rubicon wheel with TPMS

    $150 Brand New Upgraded Rubicon wheel with TPMS OBO LAS VEGAS _LOCAL Pick up Buyer Pays Shipping can get estimate based on location
  17. California Selling stock Rubicon wheels!! need to go ASAP

    Hi all! This is my first time on here, or posting on a forum at all. I’m selling my 2020 JL Rubicon stock wheels&tires! Car was basically driven home from the dealership and my KMC’s were mounted less than a week later. (<100 miles total) I’m asking $1900, but as all things go- the price is...
  18. POLL: What is your favorite color on the Jeep Wrangler (2021 Model Year)

    There are a lot of colors so let's see what is the most popular and favorite on this forum! Here are the colors: POLL OPEN FOR A WHILE.
  19. Indiana 2020 Rubicon Take-Off Suspension

    Selling shocks, springs, lower control arms, sway bars and bump stops from a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Parts were removed when the Jeep only had 3,500 miles. Just the shocks and springs need to be installed on a Sport or Sahara for an easy 1.5" lift. The lower control arms and sway bars are...
  20. Tennessee 5 Rubicon tires for sales ‘21

    Selling 5 BFG KO2 tires w/564 miles (spare has 0 miles)$800 cash . Tires taken off 2021 Rubicon. All highway miles since purchased vehicle last week. Local pick up only Knoxville,TN