1. Virginia Rubicon highline fenders

    Selling highline front fenders from my Rubicon. Asking 475 obo. Thanks.
  2. Virginia Rubicon highline front fenders

    Selling front fenders from my JLU Rubicon. 475 obo.
  3. Change the instrument cluster startup Jeep (Rubicon/Sahara/Wrangler) animation.

    Hey guys, can help guide me on how to change the Instrument Cluster startup animation from Wrangler to Rubicon? I just received my Rubicon and realised the startup animation on the Instrument Cluster is showing Wrangler instead on Rubicon. Thank you in advance.
  4. New York GP-Grip 4x, Wrap for GP-Grip 4x & One Window Breaker Pen with a Utility Pouch for JL/JLU/JT (Wrangler/Gladiator)

    GP-Grip 4x, Wrap for GP-Grip 4x & One Window Breaker Pen with a Utility Pouch for JL/JLU/JT (Wrangler/Gladiator) I had this for about a year and it was used inside my rig on daily basis. All four GP-Grip are in a very good condition. For more details refer to the pictures below. Comes with...
  5. Alabama 285/70r17 BF Goodrich KO2 All Terrain

    Stock Rubicon tires for sale. Less than 200 miles on them. Set of 5. Located near Birmingham AL, can meet or deliver within reasonable distance. $850 will consider partial trade for your stockers (wife's 4runner needs new shoes).
  6. Texas JLUR Steel Front Bumper For Sale

  7. North Carolina Rubicon Transfer Case for a MANUAL only $1800

    This T case originally came from an 18JLUR and was put into my 19 JL sport S. I used it for about 2000 miles and then I traded my sport in for a rubicon. I can tell you this think works flawlessly and is a HUGE upgrade for a manual sport. It gave me so much more confidence and took me through 4...
  8. Missouri 2020 Take off suspension RUBICON

    2020 JL Rubicon take off suspension for sale. I have two sets including front and rear sway bar ends, control arms, shocks, front spring perchs +springs, and stabilizer. Asking $300 for each set. Asking for local pick up for now, located in Columbia MO
  9. Alabama 4DR Rubi Rails For Sale

    I have a like new (500 miles) set of 4DR Rubicon rock rails for sale. Asking 200 dollars. Located in Mobile AL but I work in Montgomery so they could be picked up at either location.
  10. California Rubicon take-off Wheels/Tires - set of 5 w/ TPMS

    $1200 Located in San Bruno, California Full set of all 5 Rubicon 17" wheels and KO2 BFGoodrich all terrain tires. 1500 miles on the tires. Spare is brand new, never used. 2 small curb rash spots on 2 of the wheels. Take-offs from a brand new 2020 Jeep Rubicon JL Rubicon. Removed these when I...
  11. Coil Springs and/ or Spacers

    I have a 2020 2DR Rubicon. I went with 33" tires (tried BF Goodrich K02s, BF Goodrich KM3s, Falken Wildpeak ATs, and Milestar Patagonia MTs). I upgraded my shocks to Falcon because it was fun. Somehow that gave me an added 2". No idea why unless I have them set too stiff. I now have 40" from the...
  12. California 2020 Rubicon Take-off Suspension

    Taken off 2020 2.0t Rubicon @ 300 miles $250, local pickup only (95112, 880/101 area)
  13. 4H auto... on a Rubicon

    So my buddy brought home his new 2020 JLUR and we were both surprised to see...
  14. Tennessee 2019 Rubicon JLU Suspension - $325

    Selling the stock suspension off my 2019 JLU Rubicon. Everything is pictured here. Upgraded mine so don’t need it anymore. let me know if you’re interestsd. I’m just south of Nashville
  15. Tennessee Fender Flares for Sale - Rubicon JLU - $375

    Selling a set of 4 flares off my 2019 Rubicon. These are the flat black (non painted) LED versions. Here’s a few pics of them on and off the Jeep. Have the mounting hardware as well. Upgraded mine so don’t need these any more. Let me know if you’re interested. I’m just south of Nashville.
  16. Ohio ISO: JL Steel Bumper - Low Bumper Bar

    Im looking for the low angled OEM bumper bar for the steel front bumper. Anyone have one for sale?
  17. California [California] WTB Rubicon axles, front and rear.

    Hello everyone! I am in the market for some Rubicon axles. If anyone is selling or knows of anyone selling some please let me know! $4500 cash on hand for a complete set! Feel free to email me at: [email protected]
  18. Dead JLR 2.0 - post installation of MOPAR LED kit

    Hi all, I’ve been scouring the forums for answers, and it’s been a struggle to identify what exactly could have gone wrong with my 2018 2-door JLR 2.0 4-cyl. Last weekend, I installed the MOPAR LED kit (part no: 82215136AC) complete with the wiring harness/4th pin installation. This was the...
  19. Michigan Sold: Jeep Wrangler JL Rubi Rock Rails - OEM Mopar Rock Guards for 2 Door

    These were taken off a new 2019 2-door JL Rubicon. 200 miles on em. mint. Includes the original mounting hardware (bolts) $$$ takes em!!!
  20. Illinois Chicago - New Mopar Rubicon Rock Rails - $125

    Selling these new Rubicon rock rails that come standard on 2020 Rubicon Unlimited. Less than 50 miles on them. Pickup preferred, but can ship at your cost. Thanks!