1. Antidote Outdoors Wrangler Roof Platform Rack JK JL Gladiator

    Hello Fellow JEEPHEADS! We have a sweet deal on Wrangler Platform Racks. NO DRILLING REQUIRED! Mounts directly to the drip rails! Designed for roof top tents! Link is below as well as a coupon code for $99 OFF Ralf Racks and $200 OFF Full Racks...
  2. Maximus-3 JL 2 DOOR Roof Rack System

    We are pleased to release the all new Maximus-3 JL 2 DOOR Roof Rack System. Add some much needed cargo space to your JL 2 Door. This system is great for mounting roof top tents and carrying heavy loads. The low profile design adds less than 3" of height to the Jeep which cuts down on wind-noise...
  3. Rhino-Rack Backbone & Pioneer Platform DESIGN FLAW

    Good day fellow Jeep enthusiasts. Ever since I purchased my JLUR I had been patiently waiting since 2018 for the Rhino-Rack Backbone system to be released as I wanted to get away from the creaky exoskeleton roof rack set-up I had on my LJ. I purchased the backbone system as soon as it was...
  4. Will snorkel interfere with fold down windshield?

    Hey all, Looking at the way the JL's windshield has been engineered, I'm wondering if we'll still be able to fold the windshield down after fitting a snorkel or some roof racks. Has anyone given this any thought?