1. Interior Rear Chase Light Bar

    I have been looking all over for information regarding this mod and have found nothing. If this already exists, please redirect me to that thread. I have a 2021 JLUR with Sky One Touch. I would like to add chase lights but keep them inside the rear window. I'm thinking they can be attached...
  2. Check Out! Quake LED's Jeep Wrangler JL / JT Gladiator DRL, Sequential Turn Signal Fender Chop Kit

    Check Out! Quake LED's Jeep Wrangler JL / JT Gladiator DRL, Amber Sequential Turn Signal Fender Chop Kit - High Line Fender Kit This easy to install Chop Kit deletes lower JL Fender, adds fender support, Sequential Switchback Turn Signals and Side Marker Light! No Error Messages or Fast Blink...
  3. Rigid Ignite Backup Lights

    Added a set of Rigid Ignite Backup lights to help with rear lighting in reverse and be able to switch them on from aux switches. Also added a set of studs to replace the two that Jeep forgot to add... First, cut a couple of pieces of bar stock to use as light mounts. Primed and painted them...
  4. New JL builds and Mods... lessons learned?

    hello all- I’m about to embark on my 3rd jeep purchase. The first was a fateful 1980 CJ7 that cost me too much money to retain at the time. (I dropped the trans out of that one...). #2 is my current 2012 JKUR. Now I’m closing in on a 2019 JLUR. Would love input on any of the following...
  5. Few pics of mine at SEMA

    heres my baby JL.Rubitron
  6. Cams garage

    Cams garage

  7. Is anybody running the Rigid Ind. cowl light pod brackets?

    I just received my spot and flood pods from Rigid. I have been looking for a clean design for mounting them and came across these after the fact. I do notice they sit off to the side of the hood so you can still fold down the windshield. All the other brackets I have come across sit more on top...