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  1. Exhaust options?

    Hey all, I currently have a little slip on high clearance muffler delete on my Jl and I’m loving the tone it gives the Jeep. Though I am having an issue, on road trips when I’m climbing hills the drone sucks. Anyone have any good recommendations on off-road oriented exhausts that will knock down...
  2. Canada - BC Metalcloak 2.5” Springs - set of 4

    Brand Set New Wrangler JL MetalCloak Springs These will lift a 4 door - 2.5 inches 2 door - 3.5 inches Brand New These are some of the best articulating springs on the market for the JL
  3. What all is needed for a 2.5" lift kit on a 2021 JL Sport S 2-Door?

    Hello all, I'm soon to be getting a 2021 JL Sport S 2-Door and wanted to fit on 35's asap. This is a daily driver, but will see some light offroad a few times a year. Nothing crazy, though. Stock could handle it fine, but I love the look of 35's. I'm not a huge fan of the stock Sport S rims...
  4. Broken underside (steering damper I think) from off-roading, will using a non-dealership mechanic void the warranty

    I took my 8 month year old JL Rubicon on a mud trail and got stuck in a clay pit almost bumper deep on the front end. After the ordeal I ended up looking under my car because I was having steering issues turning left and the wheel is a bit misaligned. I took a look and realized I broke...
  5. Trails in Raleigh Area & Basic Off-road Checklist

    Hi! I’m new to the Jeep world and really want to do some light off-roading in the Raleigh / Durham, NC area. Does anyone have any trail recommendations for a beginner? I’ve never been off-roading, so maybe a bunny slope to start? Somewhere where I can take the top off, put the Jeep into 4L, and...
  6. Broken axles and stuck Jeeps

    Fun day in the trail with friends; stuck jeeps and broken ram axles. Pretty good time
  7. Why Are Lightweight Vehicles Better Off-Road Than Heavier Vehicles, Or Are They?

    Lately, I've been reading up on off-roading. There seems to be two things that directly affect off-road performance and those are traction and flotation. As a heavier load pushes the tire down more and a wider tire disperses the lbs/inch² these two, traction and flotation, seem to be opposites...
  8. Water Fording In Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2 Door

    Good morning, I'm thinking about getting a new off road 4x4 for off roading. The place where I'll be going has a lot of water crossings so I've been looking at the water fording capabilities of the 4x4s. Land Rover has a very detailed water fording section that provides the exact water fording...
  9. Off road adventure through stony mountain!

    Off road adventure through stony mountain Alberta, about a week or so before I wrecked my JL (check out that video if you haven’t seen it). Hope you enjoy!
  10. Off road exploration!

    A day spent exploring in northern Alberta! Searching for whiskey jack lake! Check it out!
  11. A day in the trail, getting away from society!

    Video of a day out in the trail I think some people may enjoy! Fun and partly dangerous trip! Northern Alberta, Canada. hope you enjoy it!
  12. 2020 Uconnect 8.4 Navigation off road question

    Is the map overlay stored in the system, or does it download like Google Maps? If using Google Maps, and I get out of cell service, then the map won't load even though I still have GPS signal. (Yes, I can pre-download the Google maps IF I know where I am going, but often we are just taking dirt...
  13. Windrock TN Adive/Tips

    Doing a family trip down to Knoxville next month and I am heading down early to do a weekend at Windrock. Coming from Central, PA there's a nice forum to plan groups and stuff but couldn't find anything similar for Windrock (I know about the staging area). Any tips on the general area and how to...
  14. 2019 Rubicon JL on 37’s Soup Bowl on Rubicon Trail

    Hello Last weekend we did the rubicon trail with a group of buddies. I decided to try the soup bowl on my new 2019 JL Rubicon and did great! Currently have 3.5” game changer metal cloak lift kit with 37” nitto mt tires (they love 8psi on the rocks! Looking forward to another trip soon! Video...
  15. Hi-Lift vs Bottle Jack off-road?

    I'm trying to decide between getting a Hi-Lift jack versus a bottle jack for off-road use. Mostly easy to moderate trails with some rocks along the way, no real rock crawling. Most of our off-roading is done solo (2-people +dogs). Occasional snowy trails in winter. I've heard lots of horror...
  16. Minnesota Sold: New In Box CMM Mirrors and Mounting Hardware

    New unopened CMM JL mirrors, mounting hardware, 1 in ball mounts. $225.

    Anyone been to this or planning to attend this year? Looks like it could be fun but also kinda cramped for camping.
  18. Easy Sunday Wheeling

    So I spent a few hours Sunday doing some easy wheeling in the JL, enjoying a very unusual 57 degrees with almost no wind in Kansas. No crazy obstacles, just a nice quick jaunt through the area with some scenic views and different perspectives of the Jeep.
  19. 4H/4L Gang *Photos & Video Encouraged*

    This threads intended purpose is for photos/videos & discussion of owners having fun in 4H/4L which is the intended purpose of the JL/JLU Wrangler. Post up photos & video of your Wrangler getting it off-road! Lets see them!
  20. JL vs Water and Rocks

    This was filmed at Disney, OK and for those that have never been, this is definitely a place to put on the list. There is some very diverse terrain and a ton of open space to roam vs. just trails. The video is in 4K so you’ll pick out a few more details if you watch on a larger screen. Has...