ocean blue

  1. Ocean blue with 37s

    37x13.5x20. Fuel rims 488 gears mopar lift. Drives great
  2. 2020 Jeep Wrangler JLU Willys Edition

    Hi there, let me introduce to you, HINTO! My Ocean Blue metallic Jeep Wrangler JLU Willys Edition. The word “Hinto” is Native American (Sioux Dialect) for the word “Blue” which symbolizes strength and reliability. The jeep Willys is an American icon so i had no interest in purchasing any other...
  3. JLU Sport build Ocean Blue

    So finally decided to start my build thread! I got the Jeep in October and it is now my 3rd Jeep (07 JK 2door and 2000 XJ). This is a 2019 Jeep Jl Sport in Ocean Blue. As of right now I have installed: Rubicon Rock Sliders 2 inch Zone Spacer kit 35in Falken WildPeak AT3W on KMC Messa 17x8.5...
  4. Any pics of an Ocean Blue with Saddle interior AND bronze wheels?

    Not a fan of black leather interiors so considering the Saddle. Would love to know if anyone tried to bring it out on a ocean blue by adding bronze wheels. A ton of bronze variants out there so curious what might look best. Will be replacing the Rubicon decal with a bronze accented one as I know...
  5. Ohio Sold: delete

  6. DaveN007 Rubicon Graj Mahal

    DaveN007 Rubicon Graj Mahal

  7. Rubi Blue

    Rubi Blue

  8. Multicam's Jeep

    Multicam's Jeep

  9. JLUR


  10. JLU (4DR) WTT Ocean Blue Hardtop

    I’m hoping that there is someone out there with an Ocean Blue JLU that just has to have a black hard top. If you’re that person, and have an Ocean Blue hard top, let’s talk. I’m in Dallas and willing to come to you. My top is in great shape with only 1,500 miles. I know you’re out there somewhere.
  11. NXDirtBag's 4th Jeep

    NXDirtBag's 4th Jeep

  12. Magical Dealership

    I'm looking at my dealer inventory and they have an Ocean Blue and Sting Grey in transit to them now. I was kind of surprised at that, they are a very large dealer though.
  13. Ready to buy a new JLU, in Chicago

    Hello Fellow Jeepers, Long time Jeep owner here but havent posted in this forum for a looong time. Anywho, I am looking to trade in my 2009 JKU Sahara for a new 2018 JLU. Im pretty pumped because this will be my first new car, so I definitely plan on doing this right. My plan is to get a highly...
  14. Blue Steel Garage

    Blue Steel Garage

  15. Are the Ocean Blue Rubis out in the wild yet?

    Has anyone taken possession of an Ocean Blue Rubicon yet? And if so, can we PLEASE see some photos?!? I'm am totally on the fence between Granite Crystal and Ocean Blue.. I've seen the Ocean Blue on a Chrysler 300, but I need to see it on a Jeep. It might be a different variant of what I saw on...