1. Local Shops | Mechanics

    Hi - New to the forum (JLUR), thanks in advance for the help. Any suggestions for good reliable honest mechanics or shops that can help w upgrades (lifts etc) in N Cal / San Mateo, CA area? Thanks again!
  2. U Connect Expert Tech Help. Compatibility Concerns / Is it possible???

    So numerous times I have swapped U Connect stereos, from Jeep to Jeep, or Ram to Ram. As long as you have the reactivation pin / code from dealer there is no issues. (Other than finding a bezel from the junkyard or buying one ofcourse) I have called 4 dealers, including U Connect and NOBODY can...
  3. Pennsylvania Sold: Axle identification. Strange.

    So I’m still stumped on which axles I have. Everything you read it says the 2018 JLU Sport has either the 30 or 35 Dana front. Well I’ve been looking at re gearing etc. well it stumps me that on all the Dana 30’s and 35’s I see nothing about “Rev-B” engraved on the face of the covers while mine...