1. How to check if LSD is working properly?

    Anyone with working LSD can check if rear tires will spin in the same or opposite direction when jacked up? Mine comes with LSD but appears to be spinning in the opposite direction. (Suggesting open diff or due to lack of load?)
  2. Questions for Rock Krawler Front LCA

    Really want to go for the Rock Krawler arms.. but Does anyone know if the Rock Krawler front LCAs have this bend inward for better tire clearance at full steering lock to lock? I know they seem to have a bend upwards for clearance against rocks, but they appear to not bend inward. Anyone can...
  3. Jeep Wrangler JL Hood Lock Installation

    Hi friends, I made a video where I install the lock for the hood I hope it will be useful, good vision
  4. Dominion OffRoad Hi-Lift Mount Security Lock Solution

    So I got the Dominion OffRoad Hi-Lift Mount bracket for my jack, and so far i really like it. But I took the top off the Jeep and my jack is now open to the world and easy to take. So here is what I did to secure it when the top is off. (not for when top is on). 1 Drill a 3/8" hole into the...
  5. Passive Entry - Have to wait for door button to lock doors

    I'm experiencing something with my JLU that I wanted to check-in with others to see if this is working as intended or is something wrong with my wrangler. I have passive entry equipped, where I can lock the doors by having the key fob near by and pressing the button on the door handle...
  6. Bolt Hood Locks for the JL

    For those interested ... The article linked below indicates that BOLT has now released their hood locks (and others) for the JL. I checked their site however and there are no JL references yet. Hopefully they'll be listed soon...