1. Katzkin Leather Seats Review by TrailRecon

    Has anyone watched this new vid from Brad at TrailRecon on Katzkin leather seats? Pretty cool behind the scenes look. Great to see some American manufacturing and the finished product looks really nice. Didn't realize they can also add heated / cooling seats! https://katzkin.com/ If you...
  2. Tennessee WTB Black Leather Dash with Red Stitching

    Looking to buy outright or to trade my 2020 red rubicon dash plus cash.
  3. Louisiana 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JLU) Stock Leather Seat Covers

    I am selling stock used (~15,000 miles) 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon leather seat covers. They are in great condition & they were only removed due to the installation of custom diamond-stitched seat covers in their place. This is for both the front & rear seats. The rear had a drop-down...
  4. Tennessee Sahara Leather Seat Covers OEM - $300 + Shipping

    Hey All, Purchased these as backup set for my 4 Door Sahara when I came across them. Have since sold the Sahara and no longer need. They are good condition, no rips or tears. $300 + Shipping. Thanks! Adam
  5. Bartact or Katzkin?

    Would like to seek some input from the brain trust on here on how to handle my 2020 JLUR with leather seats (no heated option and I did not intentionally look for leather seats, just came with the Jeep I got a good deal on). Few points to consider when voting. Reside in N.C. where the spring is...
  6. New Gibson Leatherworks JL/JT FOB Holster Versions

    I will soon be offering a couple of new addition versions of the JL FOB holsters. These are belt slot versions and pictured are a few of the prototypes I have been working on. One version will be with a combo Buck Knife 110 sheath. If the demand is there I will also make versions incorporating a...
  7. Florida $200; 2019 Stock Sahara Factory Installed/Upholsterer removed Cloth Seat Covers

    $200; 2018-2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara JL 4 Door Cloth Seat Covers Factory Tan OEM. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223485667920 Condition is New. Stock original Sahara Factory installed seat covers that were removed by the Upholsterer to install custom leather with only18 miles on the 2019 Wrangler...
  8. Leather or Not??????

    Leather or NOT???? Why???? Thanks!
  9. Interior Leather Trim when ordering JLU Sahara with Cloth (Intent to do Katzkin custom)

    New to this forum as I am in the process of building out a 19 JLU Sahara and can't seem to get an answer from any dealer I have worked with. I have seen a couple threads discussing this when ordering the Mopar leather options from Factory but none that I can find when it is a cloth order and...
  10. JL leather seat covers - sand

    Had these on my four door rubicon for only a week, so practically new. (Had black installed.) $400 obo In the SF Bay Area but can ship if you cover.
  11. JL Console Holster Project

    [After seeing and purchasing an amazing Keyfob holster from a forum sponsor Mark Gibson of Gibson Leatherworks (@Blkjak), it inspired me to attempt to do a project with leather. A leatherwork project has been on my bucket list for over 30 years –yup, I’m old. I have just not been able to...
  12. ShoopaJeep


  13. New Leather Options Available?

    Dealer ordering system is showing 3 leather options: 1. The standard leather we’re all used to 2. A new “perforated” leather 3. A new “stitched” leather Both of the new ones add something like $200 over the normal leather option. Dealer has no info, but has small-medium sized photos of each...
  14. Aftermarket leather seats

    I got my dd/mall crawler sport s outfitted with aftermarket leather seats through the dealership and worked it into my purchase. At the time, I was unfamiliar with katzskin and didn't even think to ask who the manufacturer was - I just looked at the sample car they showed me and it looked good...
  15. Parker's First Jeep

    Parker's First Jeep

  16. Rubicons/Saharas with Tan Leather - Center Console Color

    Made an interesting discovery just now. Local dealer just got several JLUs in with the tan leather (only had black before). One of the Saharas has matching tan leather center console...
  17. Who here is upset that Heritage interior is not being offered?

    This is one of the biggest choices I was looking forward to when finally ordering my Jeep. I am not liking the tan interior being offered. Makes it look bland. What do you guys think? I also wanted to eventually having a matching soft top.