1. Florida Black Moab wheels on 35 BFG ko2s

    I have 5 35s BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 mounted on Black Moab special edition rims. 35x12.5x17 with 90-95% thread . They have around 5k miles. I have 5 Authentic Mopar Wheel Black Moab that fit the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep gladiator Jk , jku , Jl , jlu , jt This is a very light setup , each...
  2. North Carolina 5 x 37/12.5R17 KO2s

    Considering going to MTs instead of riding out my current KO2s. They have about 6K miles on them (one five-tire rotation so one only has ~1K miles on it). Tires only (no rims). Asking for $300 per tire OBO - will only sell as a complete set. We could meet at the shop where I’ll have my MTs...
  3. Black Rhino Armory Wheels - Lug Torque Specs?

    Anyone with Black Rhino Armory wheels who rotates their own tires - I would really appreciate your input here. (I have a 2020 2-Door Sport, 17” wheels) Maybe my Googling skills need work or something, but I can’t find any solid info on what I should torque my lug nuts to. I checked the...
  4. Florida 5 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon 17” Factory OEM Wheels Rims BFG KO2 Tires(with tpms)

    Set of FIVE (5) takeoff Jeep Rubicon 17” LT285/70R17 BF Goodrich All Terrain K02. Tires have less than 600 miles. They have the OEM TPMS in them, so the wheels/tires are ready to be installed on your jeep. The tires are Load Range “C” (6 ply). Excellent condition. Wheel Diameter: 17” Bolt...
  5. JLU Sport S - Clearance

    Hey All, I recently got a 2” Mopar Lift & 35 K02’s placed on my JLU Sport S stock wheels. There is no rubbing with normal day to day driving but I’m nervous going off road prior to getting spacers. What is the worst thing that could happen with this issue? run against the shocks/lift, blow a...
  6. Minnesota Bought Rubicon Wheels and KO2 Tires (5)

    Anyone in the MN area want to sell their Rubicon wheel/tire takeoffs? Must be KO2s.
  7. Texas 4 BFG KO2s

    4 BFG KO2s off my 2018 JLUR 1800 miles on them, no damage or repairs, perfect condition. $ 600.00 Tires only. Pick-up only no shipping.
  8. Rubicon OEM Tires KO2 or Wildpeak MT?

    Ordered my Jeep today and was told I could choose Wildpeak MT or BFG KO2, wanted to see what everyone thinks of the Wildpeak, I know everyone and there mom loves the KO2s, but thought it would be good to get opinions and do a poll.
  9. Washington 2019 Rubicon Wheels/tires/tpms sensors

    I have five takeoffs from my 2019 JLUR. Tires have 3000 miles them and one wheel has some curb rash. $1100. No shipping, in Kitsap County Washington. Going on a road trip from western WA to eastern NV next week and may be able to drop them off along the way.
  10. Shout out to a Discount Tire - Sahara install

    Today I received and installed my new wheels and tires from @Discount Tire, the guys there worked with me to get what I wanted. Wheels - (5 x) Pro Comp 05 Series Torq, 17x8 - Matte Black 4.5l b/s Tires - (5 x) BF Goodrich LT285/70R17 KO2 - C rated Black spline Lug Nut Set I started out with...
  11. SOLD!! 35x12.5r18 ko2/Armory

    Hello everyone, selling my pristine tire/wheel setup. Only 400 miles (spare has 0 miles on them). I have 35x12.5r18 BFG ko2 all terrain E rated tires that i just installed few weeks ago. No off roading on them just city driving. I have them on 18 inch black rhino Armory wheels. I have receipt...
  12. Sold Rubicon Tires Only Set of 5 KO2s less than 100 miles

    Available 6/26 tires only. Located in Lake Havasu AZ. $850.00 OBO SOLD DELETE
  13. 35/12.5/17 with lift on Sport Factory Wheels?

    I am probably going to be purchasing the 2.5 RC kit for now. We are trying to figure out what the factory offset is for the JL Sport and if with the 2.5 kit we can run our factory wheels with the 35/12.5/17 KO2s we already have. Would we need spacers/different wheels? Anyone have pictures of...