1. Factory key alternatives

    So the time has come. My wife (or probably really me) lost my key so I have been using the spare....until today when we forgot it was in her purse and she went out of town for the morning leaving me unable to go to work. I say all of this to say that it is time to purchase a replacement key. If...
  2. Proximity lock not working properly after installing 35" Spare Tire?

    I know a lot of people probably won't be bothered by this, but just curious if anyone with large tires encountered the same issues? I replaced stock tire with 35s on my spare tire carrier this weekend, and noticed that my proximity lock isn't working properly for the tailgate now. I used to be...
  3. JL Install Proximity Entry AFTER purchase?

    Hey all, I know there are some threads on here but people comment about how great their remote entry works or how to use it and the topic gets lost in the shuffle. I am one of many JL owners who wishes they had purchased the keyless remote entry package to be able to jump in their Jeep without...
  4. Fobless key

    I found a fobless key that will work with the JL locks. It's a 2016 renegade emergency key, also referred to as 2015 - 2016 Jeep Fiat High Security Emergency Key. I ordered online ($3) and had it cut local. There may be other keys that work, the dimensions are 3mm X 7.5mm.