1. Several error codes on 2019 Jeep Rubicon

    I have a 2019 Rubicon with 31k miles. The “A” with a circular arrow and exclamation in yellow light turned on last month. 3weeks later I had several lights, errors/service messages pop up on my dash. Eventually giving me several issues and also making the Jeep not drivable. Stalled will I was...
  2. Idle vibes?

    is it normal if the 3.6 to have a bit of vibration at idle? My Jeep is a 2018 with 30k and I’ve noticed it’s got a bit of a vibration at idle. I’ve already had the vibration/ ac fan flash done already. Wondering if I should worry or just chalk it up to a Jeep thing.
  3. Illinois AFE Momentum 3.6 Air Intake System

    Hey everyone, I am selling my AFE Momentum Air Intake System for the 3.6L taken off a 2019 Moab lease ending with 11,854 miles. It comes with the slightly used oem dry filter and a brand new unopened dry filter. I have had many intakes from different brands in different cars. This system by...
  4. 4XE on Trail by TFL: How Far Can it Manage on Electricity Alone

    TFL shows how 4Xe does on the trail. This is the most realistic demonstration I have seen of 4Xe up to now. It didn't go very far on pure electricity. But it looked pretty cool wheeling in absolute silence.
  5. Canada - BC Metalcloak 2.5” Springs - set of 4

    Brand Set New Wrangler JL MetalCloak Springs These will lift a 4 door - 2.5 inches 2 door - 3.5 inches Brand New These are some of the best articulating springs on the market for the JL
  6. Bought a new Jeep for my nephew!

    In an attempt to assert favorite uncle dominance, I recently bought my nephew a new Jeep for his birthday... his 4th birthday! Had a blast putting it together with my father the day before the birthday celebration. My nephew loves it and now has a real keen eye for spotting Wranglers when...
  7. New York 5 JL tires for sale

    100 miles, TPMS on, balanced, Tires and rims. Immediately taken off after purchase of vehicle, 245/75r17. Asking $700. Located in NYC
  8. Riding With Rebel - Big Bear Jeep Jamboree - Command Vehicle JL

    Take a ride with Bond and Evan as they lead this years Jeep Jamboree Blue Team up the Gold Mountain trail in Big Bear, California. We're excited to take you along on our new series called Riding With Rebel. You'll get to experience riding along with the Rebel crew on trails from our off road...
  9. California 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Axles 5:13 Gears E Lockers

    Selling my axle take offs from 2019 Jeep JL Rubicon. 5:13 gears 20k miles Includes: Front axle Rear axle Brake calipers located in Sacramento CA $6,500
  10. New Jersey 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara Unlimited F/S Rocky Ridge Mad Rock Package

    Hi Everyone I'm listing my 2018 Jeep Wrangler Jl Sahara Unlimited for sale. Jeep currently has 27,500 miles in excellent condition. Jeep has been upfitted by Rock Ridge ( The package that was added on was called the "Mad Rock Package". All exterior modifications...
  11. We shouldn’t be responsible for the first two broken windshields!!!
  12. Big Bear Jeep Jamboree Blue Group Day 2 on John Bull Trail

    Members of Blue Group, led by Bond of Rebel Off Road, make their way to the end of the trail on John Bull during Jeep Jamboree.
  13. Drone Footage Jeep Jamboree Blue Group on Holcomb Creek Trail/John Bull

    Drone coverage from day one and two of our trail runs on Holcomb Creek and John Bull Trail with Blue Group for Jeep Jamboree.
  14. Lease 4xe pricing, am i getting jipped?

    Went into a dealership who tried to juggle me around.. but the jeep is everything I want! Online there is a price (about 4K off 55K MSRP), on the phone 2 days before coming in- they told me this offer stands, no stipulations. I get there in person, & then they tell me the discount is not...
  15. Texas 2019 JL Soft Top (2-door) - $450

    Selling OEM soft top from my 2019 JL Sport S. I replaced it with a hard top at around 18k miles. It is in good condition, with some minor scuffs on the inside of the windows from things rubbing up on them. I tried to get as many pictures of the scuffs as possible below. None of them have any...
  16. Retro Renegade Decals

    Just installed the hood decals from Underground Graphics on my 2018 Sport S inspired by a 1979 CJ Renegade. I really like the look so far but I still have to put on the door/side stripes.
  17. Colorado 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 4-Door Mopar Soft Top Quarter Windows, Soft Top Rear Window, and Frame Kit- $150

    Never before used/never out of the plastic and box only opened for pictures - Soft top quarter windows (2), rear window, and frame kit. $150 pick up or delivery. DOES NOT INCLUDE soft top roof Windows Part# - 6AG90RU5AA Frame Part# - 05182829AI
  18. Anyone else get overwhelmed?

    Hey y’all, I am new to the JL forum as we picked up two Rubicon’s in the last month. I have been doing the overland thing for awhile and recently made the change to the infamous Jeep platform. Anyways, I have been buying parts like crazy and being it’s the start of adventure season here in...
  19. Imagine needing to make an entire video to find if the Jeep Renegade is a true Jeep

    "Is The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport A True Bronco?" Then goes to show the vehicle struggling when driving down a dirt road. So to answer the question, no, I certainly hope not!
  20. JL Hi-Lift Hood Mount

    Has anyone mounted dual Pods on their A Pillar and ran a Hi Lift mount on the hood as well? Any interference with the lights from the hi lift? Thanks in advance!!