hardtop hoist

  1. Texas Sold: Freedom Jack 3 Excellent Condition San Antonio

    I tried listing this on FB and haven’t had any luck. I am in the process of selling my Jeep due to an upcoming surgery. I have a Freedom Jack 3 for a JKU/JLU with matching pneumatic lift for sale. I have used it 3 times since owning my Jeep. The Freedom Jack works perfectly and saved me a bunch...
  2. New Jersey Sold: Racor Hoist for sale

    New, never used Racor hoist for sale. Comes with the metal Topsy cams to replace the stock plastic ones. All parts and instructions as new. Local pick up in northwest NJ, it's too big to ship. Asking $265 o/b/o
  3. Rollnjack Hardtop Lift

    I saw a Kickstarter for RollnJack hardtop lift. It looks similar to a Toplift Pro. The Kickstarter deal is much less expensive though https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rollnjack/the-rollnjack-jeep-hardtop-removal-and-storage-device
  4. Got my Soft top installed.

    Installed my soft top. So glad I have the Topsy Brackets for the hardtop and that makes using the Overhead rack easier than it was before just using the straps
  5. Converting the Lange Hoist-A-Top into something usable on the JL

    A cautionary tale for anyone switching from a JK to a JL with a Lange Hoist-A-Top hardtop lift. I had the Lange on my JK for 3 years and it worked really well. No issues and always felt comfortable with how it hung with the JK top. Fast forward to October when I purchased my current JL and...
  6. Sold: FS: Lange Hoist-a-Cart for JL $400 (Local pickup only in SF-Bay Area)

    I have an assembled Lange Originals Hoist-a-Cart for JL that is too tall for my garage. Retails for $549. Will sell for $400. Local pickup in Alameda only. PM for more details. Thanks!
  7. Anyone with the Racor overhead storage life

    i installed the Racor lift in my garage and can’t for the life of me understand why the side that is opposite the gearbox is wanting to cross thread the cable when the other side is just fine
  8. TIPS - Help with hardtop on/off manually, no hoist

    Ok, so not super excited about the 1st off/on process. Came off easy as can be, no problem. I have a roller cart for it where it goes window side down. *Tricky with two people to get to cart and keep window from flying open. *Same on the way off the rack. No way to really grab the top and...