1. Summer Hard-Top Storage?

    Seeking advice for hard-top storage solutions best for long(er) term storage. I bought the dual top option with the plan to swap twice a year based on our Midwest seasons. My original plan had been to build a full shelf that I can hoist (manual or electric?) in the garage, large enough for the...
  2. Dayton Ohio (area) Jeep Shop - Installations, repairs, etc..

    I am looking for recommendations.. Just ordered my Rock Krawler (@Rock Krawler Suspension) lift kit, and looking for somewhere local (that is reputable) to do the install. Anyone have recommendations out there?
  3. Let's see pics of your Jeep garage or workspace

    Looking to share ideas of the spaces where we work on our Wranglers!
  4. Hoist question

    Hey guys. So naturally, as I gear up for another New England winter, I’m thinking ahead to spring. I plan to acquire a soft top and a hoist for my hard top. My question is: most of the hoist systems show the crank directly behind the Jeep on the back wall of the garage. I don’t have that...