floor mats

  1. Michigan Floor Mats (WeatherTech) and Rear Mat $125

    I'm selling a set of Weathertech floormats for a JL 4 door along with a Quadratec rear floor liner. These came out of my 2020 JL Sport when I traded it in recently. The mats are co-branded with WeatherTech and Quadratec. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the rear mat will fit the 4-door JL...
  2. Canada - BC OEM Carpet Floor Mats - JLU

    Brand New used for 3k. 60$ CAD
  3. Florida FOR SALE: Brand New JLU 4-Door JEEP Mopar All-Weather Floor Mat Set

    Good Evening All, I bought these JLU 4-Door JEEP Mopar All-Weather Floor Mat Set brand new from Extreme Terrain, and decided to go with the Weathertech ones instead. These are brand new with no use on them at all. Currently stored indoors in a climate controlled environment out of the sun and...
  4. Mopar Waterproof Mats - Missing Piece

    I don't know what's happen here but the plastic piece is missing. I don't know the name of that part. Anyone have an idea what should I do?
  5. Anybody order floor mats from donluxlimited.com ?

    I personally love the styling of these floor mats, and am considering them for my all black Rubi. https://www.donluxlimited.com/ Anybody has experience with this vendor - product quality, durability, etc ? Found some pics below on the forum ... looking for some feedback.
  6. Floor mat drainage

    i have the mopar all weather floor mats. I understand that they allow for drainage but there is interior carpet between the floor and the floor mat. Am I supposed to cut through the carpet if I want to drain?
  7. Mopar All Weather Floor Mats Drain Sealing

    I am attempting to improve the seal of the drain in the Mopar All Weather Floor Mats. This first attempt involved cutting a 2" section of 1.1" diameter bicycle inner tube and stretching over the outside of the drain. The 1.1" tube was a pretty tight stretch, a 1.5" might be easier. I think...
  8. Introducing Custom Fit Cup Holder, Radio, and Dash Liners – 9 color options

    We are proud to introduce our Cup Holder, Radio, Dash, and Door Pocket Liners in 9 colors for the JL and JLU. To celebrate this the kit of 16 miniature colored “floor mats” will be $19.41 for the next 4 days only. On top of this one time sale the 19th and 41st customer to private message their...
  9. Floor drain issues?

    Hey all, I looked for this on the forum, and didn’t find anything yet, but admittedly am looking on a mobile device so I apologize if this is somewhere else on the forum. I bought the mopar floor mats before I got the Jeep and will be taking delivery this week. A friend of mine warned me about...
  10. JLUR Carpet Mats - For Sale

    I have a set of the 2018 JLUR black carpet mats. I ordered the all weather mats so when I got my new JL I just switched them out. $85 + shipping
  11. Question about carpet floor mats...

    Hi, I've been lurking and am getting closer to ordering, so I had a question about the carpet floor mats. I'm looking at getting the all-weather mats, but I saw on the awesome Delivery Checklist thread that it seems like you may not get both when adding the all-weather mats. Anyone know? I'd...