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  1. Does the Soft Top get any Easier???

    Just took the hard top off my 1 week old JL 4 door and installed the mopar twill soft top (purchased dual top group). Does installing the soft top get any easier as time goes goes on? Does it stretch out any? The top itself wasn’t terrible I suppose, but the back window in particular took 20...
  2. Our Jeep Buying Experience - 9.2% off Invoice (in the Western US!)

    Today, we just took home our very first Jeep - a 2019 Sahara. Sticker attached, but was listed at $49,245 and we took it at a 13.9% discount off MSRP or 9.2% discount off Invoice for $42,400 (incl. destination charge). After reading this forum for a few months now, I have not seen a better deal...