1. JL Oracle conversion vs JL oem led headlights

    I'm curious if the JL led oem headlights are worth 700-900 dollars vs an oracle 200 dollar Led conversion or the v.4 from headlight revolution
  2. Cutting a JL in half to build a V8 JLU Crew Pickup Conversion! by Bruiser Conversions

    It hurts seeing this, but it is very instructive: Crawl TV and Bruiser Conversions take a brand new JL Sahara totally apart and cut body and frame in half to make a JLU Crew for the next SEMA! Day 1: Day 2: Day 3,4 & 5: ENJOY!!!
  3. Soft Top to Hard Top Conversion - Wiring?

    Have JLU Sport with soft top. Did not buy the dual top package. I want to go from soft top to hard top for next winter. The question is, what about the rear wiring? - I assume I just don't have anything back there to power the rear wiper unless there is a place to add a harness which is...