cb antenna

  1. Comms....CB Radio or GMRS?

    What type of radio is everyone running? Should I install a CB or GMRS radio in my Jeep? Do I need both?
  2. Topsy CB hood antenna mount and mic mount for JL - Quick Review (w/pics)

    Hey guys, first post here. Jeep JLU Sport (yeah, ok it's not a rubi) I've been looking for CB antenna mounts like crazy. Most of the ones that I found were mounted on the back of the jeep, which is fine for most. But I wanted to ensure maximum signal coverage. So I wanted a hood mount, but...
  3. CB antenna & radio wiring/installation

    Easy hidden wiring from the tailgate to the front of the Jeep with a few mounting options, including a free one if you have a hard top!
  4. JL CB Radio & Antenna Installation video

    This video runs through installation of the antenna & hidden wiring as well as mounting the CB. It shows a few radio mounting options, including a free one. Hope it helps someone!