cb antenna mount

  1. Comms....CB Radio or GMRS?

    What type of radio is everyone running? Should I install a CB or GMRS radio in my Jeep? Do I need both?
  2. Topsy CB hood antenna mount and mic mount for JL - Quick Review (w/pics)

    Hey guys, first post here. Jeep JLU Sport (yeah, ok it's not a rubi) I've been looking for CB antenna mounts like crazy. Most of the ones that I found were mounted on the back of the jeep, which is fine for most. But I wanted to ensure maximum signal coverage. So I wanted a hood mount, but...
  3. American Jeeper’s Mountain Goat - JLUR (now with first stage build video)

    Hi everyone, This is my new Bright White JLUR, now named “Mountain Goat” or just Goat with help from the kids after the Jeep’s first trek to Colorado. I have a lot of the same somewhat limited aftermarket parts on the Jeep that many of you do, but have done a little customization and found out...