build sheet

  1. Black Friday Wishlist

    With Black Friday around the corner and a few early specials already out there I started to think about what Im planning to buy for the retail holiday. I’m hoping for a buy 3 get the 4th free deal on some new wheels that I have been staring at. Or a new front bumper @Metalcloak or @barricade...
  2. When was the first JL built?

    I just got my build sheet and the build date was 12/19/2017. We bought the Jeep off the dealer's lot on 1/31/18 with 34 miles on it. I wonder when the first one was built.
  3. Automatic Sticker and Build Sheet tracking

    I unfortunately missed the build tracking spreadsheet so I've been manually checking the Window Sticker and Build Sheet pages for my supplied VIN number for the past few weeks religiously. I finally decided to make a small tool that I run on my PC that just checks it periodically and will...