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  1. Dovahkiin - 2018 Billet Silver JLU Sport S

    Starting a thread to track any updates that I might make to Dovah. I purchased a used 2018 JLU Sport S in June 2020. It had 32K miles and was basically stock other than some larger tires. It was priced as a regular sport with manual windows and locks, as the "S" upgrades were specified in the...
  2. Ohio WTB - Rubicon / Recon Billet Silver Hood

    Want to buy - OEM billet silver hood for the rubicon or recon in awesome condition!
  3. WTB BLACK RHINO Wheels and Tires

    Hello all! I recently purchased a Sahara and need help on what wheel setup to get. I’m thinking about getting the Black Rhino Armory or Abrams wheels in black with either 35” or 37” tires (still debating on tire size) and getting a Rock Krawler 2.5-3.5” lift. Does anyone have either of those...
  4. Rubi red shoes

    Rubi red shoes

  5. Merica!


  6. JLU Billet Silver Fender Flares (Rubicon or Sahara)

    Looking for JL Billet Silver OEM Fender Flares to match the body of my Jeep, preferably with the inner fender well lining attached. I’m located near Asheville NC, but willing to travel or pay for shipping if it’s out of the way.
  7. Gray Hare - 2019 JLUR V6 auto

    Gray Hare - 2019 JLUR V6 auto

  8. [WTB]: JLU Rubicon FENDERS painted BILLET SILVER

    WTB: 4-Door Rubicon Fenders painted in Billet Silver - new or used. I am located in Los Angeles, CA. Shipping or pick-up ok. P.s. Any advice where to find it is appreciated.
  9. Sold: CLOSED: WTB Billet Silver Hard Top

    Looking to buy an excellent condition billet Silver hard top. Would be willing to trade my excellent condition black JLU hardtop plus some cash for an excellent condition billet Silver hardtop. May consider trading a new never opened premium twill black soft top with tinted windows for an...
  10. Maryland Sold: CLOSED:WTT Black JLU Hardtop for Billet Silver Hard top (or WTB)

    Looking to trade my excellent condition black JLU hard top for an excellent condition billet Silver hardtop. Would be willing to add some cash. Would also be interested in just buying an excellent condition billet Silver hard top if you are not interested in a black hard top. Edit: May also...
  11. JLUR Billet Build 37s

    I figured I would add a summary to date of what I have done to the JL. If anyone has any questions I'll to happy to try to help. It started when I went into the dealer for a service on my 2013 JKU and a test drive on a new daily driver compass. I walked out dreaming of the new JLUR on the...
  12. Gimli


  13. Black or Gun Metal Wheels

    I debating between black or gun metal Quadratec wheels for my Billet Silver. The Rubicon Extreme and '41 Wheel Any opinions are welcome. And, if you have gun metal wheel, please share because they are alot rarer than black
  14. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Have a 2018 JL Crystal Granite Sahara, which we love, but thinking of adding a 2 dr to our garage......can't decide on color or top choices.... 1st pic is a White Rubi with Black Soft Top...but then I think Sting Grey, oh, and then Silver, then Ocean Blue, then Punkin...see, I just can't...
  15. JLU (4DR) Trade: Black Hard Top for Billet Silver Hard Top

    Im looking to trade my Black Hard top for a Billet Silver hardtop. I am located in Tampa, will drive anywhere in Florida.
  16. Mike S

    Mike S

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  18. 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Hits Dealer System - 1st Official Look @ Engines, Options, Packages, Features! has just verified that the 2018 Jeep Wrangler (JL) now appears in the FCA dealer system! We're happy to bring you the first look at the trims, engines, colors, seats, packages and interior/exterior options listed herein. This confirms a lot of the early info JLWF first...