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  1. PlugShare and CarPlay in the Wrangler 4XE.

    If you are new to EVs and PHEVs, you might not be aware of PlugShare. It's a great app for finding public chargers.
  2. Colorado Will CarPlay announce incoming texts?

    New iPhone connected to CarPlay via Apple USB cable. When a new text comes to my iPhone, it is not “announced” audibly. No Siri voice, no new text tone! The display shows a notification at the bottom of the display but I have to touch that notification to have it play back. I prefer to keep my...
  3. UConnect and Apple Car Play: Apple Maps/GPS ONLY

    I recently learned that with UConnect and Apple Carplay the only maps you will be offered on the beautiful large screen are either the built-in GPS or Apple Maps. Sadly, you won't be able to pull up Waze or Google Maps on the UConnect screen. For those of you using UConnect with AndriodAuto...