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  1. That_Punkn_Diesel


  2. Jeep Generation 2018 JLU Rubicon Build

    First weekend with the stock JLUR! Took the top off and went up to Cleghorn CA. Current Status of the JLUR! Hello Everyone, My name is Kevin. This is going to be a continued updated log of all of our upgrades we have done to our 2018 JLU Rubicon. I have made install videos for every upgrade...
  3. Megatron Build 2018 JLUR

    Megatron Build 2018 JLUR

  4. Let the good times roll... in my first Jeep

    2018 JLUR I think this is actually my first post ever. The Goose Gear plate system and 60/40 seat delete sleeping platforms were my first purchase. They took about 30 days to arrive. They were well packaged but included no instructions, stickers, or patches. I also did not find any Youtube...
  5. Punk'n Zoey - JLUR 2.0L

    JLWF Garage Link Ordered 13-Sept-2018 Delivered 18-Jan-2019 Day 0 Current MODEL YEAR: 2019 MAKE: Jeep MODEL/TRIM: Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon COLOR: Punk'n ENGINE: 2.0L TRANSMISSION: 8-Spd Auto MODS - WHEELS / TIRES / BRAKES: Trail Master TM9 17x9 Pro Comp 89 Series Kore 17x8 Milestar...
  6. How to mount a iPad on the 67 Designs Rail with Ram Mount X-Grip

    How to mount a iPad on the 67 Designs Rail with Ram Mount X-Grip.
  7. 67 Designs Jeep JL Mount Rail Edition - The Rail

    Great new product from 67 Designs. Works great. Easy Install.
  8. JL Phone Mount Comparison Video

    We were having a hard time deciding which of the JL Phone Mounts to go with so we decided to try the ProClip, Rugged Ridge Dash Multi Mount 13551.23, and the 67 Designs and compare them all in our latest video: