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  1. Texas 2019 JL Soft Top (2-door) - $450

    Selling OEM soft top from my 2019 JL Sport S. I replaced it with a hard top at around 18k miles. It is in good condition, with some minor scuffs on the inside of the windows from things rubbing up on them. I tried to get as many pictures of the scuffs as possible below. None of them have any...
  2. Louisiana Tan Soft Top 2 door 2020

    I’m looking for a tan soft top for my 2 door 2020 rubicon. Please help!
  3. 2021 JL on 42s

    Having read all the threads on JLRs on 37+, I've decide to follow the buy once, cry once philosophy and bought a new JLR 2.0T. I need 4:1 xfer case and white painted top so ordered a JLR Build plan: Elite™ ProRock XD60®/80 Axle Set 74.5 wide. with 5.38s and 41.8" tire, within 3% the same...
  4. 4 Door Rubicon Suspension on a 2 Door Willys with also a 2.5” RC Suspension Lift

    I have a 2020 Willys 2 dr I just got. I already have got Rubicon takeoff suspension from a 2020 4 door rubicon and I was planning on doing a rough country 2.5” spacer kit on top of it With 35’s. I’m wondering with 3.5-4.5” of total lift I think it will have if it’s going to be a bunch of issues...
  5. Pictures of 2dr Sports with 33" tires and 1.5" lift?

    Still riding on stock tires with no lift on my '18 sport. Really struggling to decide on a lift and wheels/rims... Can you post your 2dr Sport builds with 33" tires and 1.5" lifts? Thanks!
  6. California WTB JL soft top (2 door)

    Looking to buy a soft top with hardware for a 2020 jl sport (2 door). Any soft top will do. Can also pick up in UT. Willing to drive a little to get it I’m in Santa Barbra/Draper.
  7. California WTB JL Hard Top for 2dr

    I’m interested in buying a hardtop for my 2020 JL 2 door. Willing to drive within California and to Arizona and Las Vegas. My budget is $600. I know it’s low, but maybe there’s someone out there that wants to get rid of their hard top as badly as I want to buy one. Why do I need a hard top...
  8. OEM LED tail lights vs. light bar

    Trying to decide whether to add a set of OEM LED tail lights vs a LED bar/cube. First the tail lights are ~$400 and I could install (reprogramming was done for LED headlights and fogs). Open to suggestions or back up lights. Saw numerous posts on spots/bars on Sports. Would be really...
  9. Maximus-3 JL 2 DOOR Roof Rack System

    We are pleased to release the all new Maximus-3 JL 2 DOOR Roof Rack System. Add some much needed cargo space to your JL 2 Door. This system is great for mounting roof top tents and carrying heavy loads. The low profile design adds less than 3" of height to the Jeep which cuts down on wind-noise...
  10. Roof Top Tent Arrives For My 2 Door!

    After nearly a three month wait. Love it! The "Explorer" model that has the storage "inset" area on the roof for extra cargo. I plan on installing a hoist in my garage for easy on and off installation. Special thank to the guys at Rhino Adventure Gear (Fremont, CA) who installed it for me.
  11. AEV 2 Door Lift

    Does anyone know when AEV is going to release their lift for the 2 door? I’m trying to decide between Rock Krawler, Metalcloak, and AEV for a lift for my 2 door JL and I think I’ve decided on AEV but there’s no mention of when they plan on releasing the lift.
  12. ROAM JL Pioneer Front Bumper in clear anodized aluminum

    ROAM JL Pioneer Front Bumper in clear anodized aluminum: 7050 T-74 clear anodized aluminum pictured. <Please excuse the side steps and the spare tire, the stainless steel side steps do not yet have the weld heat tint/coloration polished off just yet and the spare tire isn't the same size as the...
  13. Diabolical Slipstream in need of 2 Door JL for fit up

    There are several of us very interested in the Diabolical Slipstream for JL 2-door. Unfortunately, it is not available yet for the JL 2 door...they are in need of access to a local 2 door JL for a weekend for fit-up and verification. I would be more than willing, except I'm in Kentucky, and I...
  14. Latest on LED Lighting delays?

    Was wondering if the LED light delay was still a thing. Aiming to place an order for a 2 dr rubi next month and was curious what, if any delays, my delivery time could be. Thanks all.
  15. Side Steps for 2 Door JL?

    I recently picked up my 2 door Sport S. When I placed my order, I opted not to get the factory installed side steps thinking that I could pick up something aftermarket that’s nicer and cheaper than $700 for the Mopar tubular ones. However, after a frustrating long search I’ve come up with few...
  16. Cargo floor protector for 2-door with rear seats removed?

    Does anyone know if a cargo floor mat will be produced by a manufacturer?... I have no need for my rear seats, so they are always out, and would like to have something that'll protect the entire area behind the front seats from concrete, dogs, bikes, water, beer, and donations from birds...