Caution: Body Mount Bolts May Snap When Installing Frame Mount Rock Rails / Sliders / Side Steps


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PSA: Please use caution when installing frame-mounted rock rails, sliders or side steps as doing so may snap your JL’s body mount bolts!

JLWF members are reporting that removing the JL’s body mount bolts to install rock rails or side steps (for the ones that require such removal) have resulted in the bolts snapping.

It turns out that the body mount bolts are installed at the factory with loctite threadlocker. The front two bolts have red loctite, the highest strength threadlocker, which requires heating to greater than 550F degrees to liquify and be removed. The middle and rear bolts have blue loctite. Blue loctite can be removed using only hand tools, but in the case of a stubborn bolt, can be heated to 482°F for easier removal.

So, please use caution when installing rock rails or side steps if it requires the removal of the body mount bolts. You must  heat the front two bolts (driver and passenger side) to over 550°F before attempting removal. And while you’re at it, heat the middle and rear bolts to adequate temperature as well to aid in their removal. See more tips inside.

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